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The Cornerstones to Building a Successful Blog

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The Cornerstones to Building a Successful Blog

Building a blog, whether for business or personal interests, has become more prevalent than ever.

A blog serves as the voice of your brand. It enables you to communicate your value, purpose, and insights to the world.

Successful Blogging

However, the entire world is not listening, nor willing to read your blog.

The fact of the matter is, only a very fine and narrow audience is interested in what you have to say. Being mindful of this fact is the first cornerstone to building a successful blog.

In the rest of this article, I will share with you the remaining cornerstones to creating an effective and successful blog that actually gets read by your target audience.

Focus Your Blog on a Specific Niche Topic

Too often, businesses and individuals create blogs about general topics of interest. Although you may have many different things that you want to say, too much topical overlap will diminish the degree of audience loyalty and attraction your blog could potentially have.

Take a moment to specify the niche in which you or your business is most proficient. Additionally, define the characteristics that reflect your target audience. What types of articles will they find most interesting (and keep them coming back for more?)

For example, let's say you're thinking about building a blog about cooking and sharing recipes. (Yeah, so does else everyone else with culinary aspirations.)

Instead, think about the qualities that will make your cooking blog very unique and interesting to a specific target audience. Can you focus on a specific cuisine, such as Thai recipes or plant-based nutrition? Furthermore, can you center your blog on "cooking channel" theme that entails weekly, 5-minute YouTube videos? Successful Blog Content

Start brainstorming how you can focus your blog on a very fine niche while retaining your passion and willingness to share your ideas. Your true audience will appreciate it, and remain loyal for the long-term.

Diversify Your Blog's Content

To reiterate the example in the last cornerstone - what forms of media and content can you integrate beyond text-based articles?

The best blogs are loaded with rich media, such as quality images, graphics, and videos. These forms of content offer a higher level of audience engagement. As a result, visitors are more inclined to share your blog posts, in addition to becoming loyal visitors themselves.

Think about ways in which you can diversify your blog's content within you technical capabilities. Not everyone has access to video recording equipment, so be honest and real with respect to your resources.

Be a Social Butterfly with Your Blog's Brand

Just a like a business, your blog also has a brand and voice of its own. To magnify your blog's voice to its fullest potential, it's paramount to be active on social media.

Successful Blogging Tips

Three of the most essential social media platforms are Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. These social networks have the highest volume of users with widespread interests.

If your blog is image intensive, then you may want to include Pinterest. If your blog is video intensive, then you definitely want to have a YouTube channel.

As more and more people share, like, +1, pin, or Tweet about your blog, the greater value your content will have. Not only does this make your content more prominently exposed on social media sites, but these "social signals" can empower your content's SEO potential.

In conclusion, you want to build your blog around a very focal topic. This will make it easier to generate quality traffic to your blog, as well as build a loyal audience both naturally and on social media.

By respecting these cornerstones of blog creation, you'll be well on your way to developing a successful web presence.


About the Author
Tyler Tafelsky is the Internet marketing manager here at OIC Group. Tyler is highly engaged in social media, organic SEO, and content marketing. You can email him directly at Tyler(at) or follow him on Twitter.


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