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SEO Web Design Company: OIC Group, Inc.

Explore the Value & Benefits Our SEO & Web Design Packages

SEO Web Design CompanyAt OIC Group, Inc., we represent a professional SEO web design company with over ten years of experience leading the industry.

We have helped a number of different businesses and online brands achieve their goals by providing affordable and highly-effective SEO & web design packages.

Every client we serve is unique. For this reason alone, we pride our company's SEO web design services on adaptability, affordability, and individually-tailored solutions. Some of the most common packages we offer include:

  • Local web design and SEO packages for regional companies
  • SEO-friendly, CMS-supported websites for seamless content management
  • Socially-integrated websites for online brand building
  • National and globally-focused SEO web design packages for enterprise-level companies
  • SEO web design packages for bloggers and content marketers

In today's web marketing world, it's essential for your company to have a web design that's SEO-friendly. To learn more about our SEO & web design services, Contact us today for free assessment and consultation, or learn more about or packages below.

Conversion-Focused SEO Web Design Services

Beyond simply driving traffic to your website via SEO, your company's web design must be optimized for conversions. That is, a business website needs to have the proper conversion touch points and calls-to-action to turn curious visitors in leads or customers.

At OIC Group, the experts of our SEO web design company are highly-skilled in conversion rate optimization (or "CRO"). In essence, we map-out a predetermined "conversion funnel," or traffic pathway, and strategically implement the proper design elements and communications to guide visitor down the funnel. This results in more conversions and greater value from your SEO investment.

SEO Friendly Website Development & HTML Coding

SEO Friendly Web Design CompanyA truly SEO-friendly web design begins at the foundation. The HTML coding structure of SEO-friendly website needs to be minimized and optimized for efficient crawling and indexing by search engine spiders.

As a result, this can promote faster and more sustainably keyword rankings.

As a highly-experienced SEO web design company we staff web development specialists who are experts in SEO-friendly HTML coding.

Whether you're building a new website or optimizing an existing website, our technical team will conduct a thorough analysis to determine the best course of action.

Socially-Integrated Company Web Designs for SEO

SEO Web Design ServicesAlmost any company can take advantage of social media. In addition to offering a cost-efficient marketing avenue, social media can have a direct impact on SEO and other web marketing initiatives.

At OIC Group, the experts of our SEO web design company are strong advocates of socially-integrated websites. What exactly constitutes a "socially-integrated" or "socially-optimized" web design?

A socially-integrated website will typically include the social icons or graphics in which your company is active. This enables visitors to efficient follow and share your brand via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other relevant social media websites.

When it comes to blogging and content marketing, having social sharing icons on your pages is critical to promote easy liking, sharing, tweeting, and +1'ing of your content. This, although a web design and development feature, can directly influence SEO.

Our SEO web design company can custom tailor and integrate the social icons that are relevant to your business and its target audience. We also provide consulting programs and ongoing services for social media marketing campaigns, often directly integrated with SEO strategies.

The Importance of a SEO-Friendly Web Design

Over the years, SEO has become one of the most powerful and efficient customer acquisition tools. As a result, our SEO web design company staffs a well-versed team of SEO's and web marketing specialists that work in unison with our web designers. Together, these experts develop rich, SEO-friendly websites that are flawlessly coded and tailored for optimal search results.

SEO Website Design CompanyA Professional and Personalized SEO Web Design Firm

Our Peoria web design team has helped countless companies achieve their online marketing goals.

We begin with a thorough discussion and analysis of your company's current web presence and the underlying SEO objectives. We will then propose a number of different options for you and your website team to choose from.

Our focus is to offer flexible, affordable, and professional SEO web design packages that suit your company's needs, goals, and budget restraints.


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