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OIC Signs New Jersey Spine Surgeon for SEO

Feb 24, 2016

Optimized Surgeons SEOThough the company's sister brand that specializes in SEO for surgeons, Optimized Surgeons, OIC Group has acquired New Jersey spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner of Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ.

As the first official lead and converted client of Optimized Surgeons and OIC Group, the team is excited put its resources and strategic skill sets to good use for this particular client.

Dr. Rovner New Jersey Spine SurgeonThe Dr. Joshua Rovner found Optimized Surgeons in Google search seeking to increase his organic search engine visibility and acquire new spine surgery patients across the state of NJ. Having previously invested in surgeon SEO and Internet marketing services in the past, the New Jersey spine specialists realized modest results in Google search.

The SEO Strategy

Owning several different web properties (with being his main website), Dr. Rovner employed Optimized Surgeons/OIC Group to start the SEO strategy by focusing on one of his microsites, Although this domain does not rank quite as high as is main site in organic search for Dr. Rovner's primary keywords around New Jersey spine surgeon and New Jersey spine surgery, holds great potential for SEO (as it currently ranks on page 2 and 3 of Google for many target keyword phrases.)

With proven success with similar SEO programs, OIC Group anticipates achieving top rankings for this domain within a few months of getting started. In addition to increasing the organic search visibility of, the program works parallel to improve the ranking Dr. Rovner's practice, Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics, in the Google local 3-pack listings.

Search Spine Surgeons Englewood NJ

The overall SEO strategy will include a mix of on-site SEO and off-site SEO, with an emphasis on aggressive link building (in an effort to increase domain authority and increase rankings in organic search) as well as citation building/NAP optimization (to increase the practice's position in the Google local listings.)

The targeted keywords will include a wide spectrum of top-level targets (i.e. "spine surgeons New Jersey" and "New Jersey spine center"), as well as specific spinal surgery terms (i.e. "lumbar spinal fusion"). The SEO program with also focus on hyper-local keywords central the practice's location in Englewood, NJ and surrounding cities and counties.

Moving Forward

While the current focus is SEO of and Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics, the program may incorporate other means of search and Internet marketing in the future. Dr. Rovner may recruit the specialists of OIC Group to take over his Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising account, as well as test the waters with social media advertising.

New Jersey Spine CenterFor more information about OIC Group's surgeon SEO branch, visit Or see more information about New Jersey spine surgeon, Dr. Joshua Rovner of Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ, at:

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics
440 Curry Avenue Suite A
Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: 201-227-1299

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OIC Signs Retro Image Apparel Two for SEO

Jan 30, 2016

Among the newest SEO clients on the OIC roster is Retro Image Apparel Two (Retro2Ride), a supplier and custom design shop for novelty and classic vintage cycling jerseys and cycling clothing for men and women. The SEO campaign is 3 month program uniquely tailored as a trial run for Retro2Ride to test the waters with OIC and the company's SEO capabilities.retro vintage cycling jerseys

With the initial research and planning complete and the SEO work underway, the search marketing specialists of OIC are confident that they'll be able to generate more organic search traffic to the site, help to produce more custom cycling jersey leads and product sales.

Custom Cycling Jerseys Classic Vintage Cycling Jerseys

As the bread and butter to Retro2Ride's unique selling proposition is custom cycling jersey design. The company offers skilled designers who are able to craft unique and custom cycling jerseys, performance tees, and other bicycle clothing to meet the individual needs and style of its customers.

While most of the custom design projects have consisted of novelty, vintage, and classic cycling jerseys, Retro2Ride has also created a few "Design Collections" to embody specific projects and purposes, such as pop culture, brewery and winery jerseys, and "The High Road," which encapsulates the legalization of marijuana in select states and various cannabis strains to represent each custom jersey design.

Classic & Vintage Cycling Jerseys

In addition to custom cycling jersey design, Retro2Ride also offers a wide selection of short sleeve and long-sleeve cycling jerseys for men and women. The store also carries a wide range of sleeveless cycling jerseys, short and long sleeve performance tees, casual bicycling wear, caps, and more.

With the help of OIC, the objective is to broaden the company's organic search engine visibility for a number of different keywords in various categories. Spanning from classic and vintage cycling jerseys to novelty and funny cycling apparel that you won't find anywhere else, Retro2Ride provides a complete spectrum of cycling clothing for all walks of life.

To learn more about Retro2Ride, the online cycling apparel brand behind Retro Image Apparel Two visit them online at

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Illinois Warehousing & 3PL Company Revives Marketing Program With OIC

Oct 16, 2015

3PL Logistics Company UniFacAfter taking short break to restructure and reallocate marketing dollars, Illinois warehousing and 3PL (third part logistics) company United Facilities, Inc. has commenced a new marketing program with OIC Group.

United Facilities, Inc. (dubbed "UniFac,") is a nation-wide, full-service supply chain management and 3PL provider with 12 distribution centers strategically positioned throughout the U.S. The third party logistics service provider is experiencing tremendous growth and plans to open a thirteenth warehouse and distribution center just outside of Los Angeles, California next year.

Helping UniFac Becoming a Nationally-Recognized 3PL Company

The marketing program prior to this new plan remained focal to search marketing and expanding UniFac's visibility in Google via AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as well as organic search engine optimization (SEO). This previous effort generated several new customers seeking warehouse space, freight forwarding, supply chain management, and 3PL. The new marketing program, however, will encompass all of the latter elements, and more.

In addition to increasing visibility for UniFac's primary service areas in which its warehouses and distribution centers are located, the marketing plan moving forward takes a more aggressive approach. Together with the team at OIC, the program centers on positioning UniFac has nationally-recognized authority among 3PL logistics companies throughout the U.S.

Taking a More Comprehensive & Strategic Approach

Illinois warehousing 3PL providerFurther, new marketing strategies are being implemented to take a more cohesive and comprehensive approach to achieving the latter objectives. In addition to search engine marketing, UniFac's marketing program will also be focal to social media marketing, content marketing, and reputation management.

OIC is working intensely with key members of the 3PL company to cultivate industry-related news and blog content to publish on the website. Additionally, the Illinois-based warehouse management and logistics company is taking a more proactive approach to being active of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

While the competitive playing field is fierce for supply chain management and 3PL providers, OIC is confident that with its talent and resources, it can help make UniFac a national leader in the logistics industry.

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Walz Label & Mailing Systems Pursues Marketing Program With OIC

Oct 9, 2015

Endeavoring toward increase search engine exposure, greater local authority, and overall business growth, Walz Label & Mailing Systems of central Illinois has joined forces with OIC Group to pursue a comprehensive marketing program. Walz Label and Mailing Machines Systems

Complete with all aspects of organic and paid search marketing, Walz Label & Mailing Systems seeks to grow all areas of its business with expanded search engine visibility and website conversion rate optimization (CRO). The marketing team of OIC has set out to provide all that, and more.

Making Walz Label The Authority in Mailing Machines

postage mailing machines

With a mission to help make Walz Label & Mailing Systems the authority for postage meters, mailing machines, and related products (both locally in Illinois and throughout the U.S.), the marketing program offered by OIC tackles a number of key weaknesses and turns to them as strategic opportunities.

Among the most important elements is conversion rate optimization. Because the website of Walz Label & Mailing Systems of Illinois uses a lead-based contact submission conversion touchpoint (unlike a "Buy Now" option equipped with an online store), refining the conversion funnel was paramount.

In optimizing the conversion funnel, OIC suggested various additions and modifications to the contact form, as well as integrated different pop-up contact options on product pages, a clear call to action in the form of a "Request a Quote" button, as well as online chat functionality to facilitate leads and average time on site.

A Multi-fold Marketing Program

With both organic search marketing and paid search marketing making up the core lead-generation components of the marketing plan, the complexities stem into hyper-local targeting for specific brand manufacturers that Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers.Mailing System Machines Software

While focusing its mailing division on a local level, which encompasses the bulk of the company's mailing machines, postage meters, address printers, and various other mailing machines and postage meters, Walz Label & Mailing Systems presents a unique targeting challenge to OIC. As a result, both the paid and organic strategies in this division are specifically targeted to areas throughout central Illinois.

The labeling and automation divisions of Walz Label & Mailing Systems takes a different approach. Here OIC will leverage an aggressive national marketing strategy that sets to generate leads from all areas of the United States. These divisions include a wide range of products and solutions, such as mobile computers, barcode scanners and readers, printers, RFID readers, checkweighers, conveyors, dimensional weighing and cubing systems, picking systems, sortation systems, and other shipping and distribution systems.

The marketing program commenced at the start of October of 2015 and many strategies are in full force. Stay on the look out for Walz Label & Mailing Systems to soon be the online authority for all things mailing, shipping, lableing, and business automation. After all, their slogan is the business automation specialists.

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OIC Provides SEO for Illinois Calibration Services & Consulting Firm

Jun 5, 2014

The Illinois calibration services and consulting company, OQ International, recently teamed-up with the search marketing specialists of OIC Group to launch at state-focused SEO campaign. In seeking to attract a very wide spectrum of prospects interested in calibration consulting and calibration services in Illinois, OQ International sought the help of OIC Group for an SEO program to do just that.OQI Calibration Services

The SEO program for this Illinois calibration company is broken-down into two primary components: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. The website,, is a simple simple site with only a few primary pages emphasizing the company's calibration services and its expertise in calibration consulting. This made the on-page component rather easy for OIC's SEO team.

Currently, members of OQ International are working with OIC to develop more content for the website. Adding more depth to the copy, and perhaps rolling-out a few more pages, will further improve the overall SEO potential of the domain.

Calibration Services ILThe off-page SEO component for OQ International focuses primarily on link generation. Leveraging OIC's expansive network of authoritative web properties, the search marketing professionals are publishing various articles and press releases to naturally generate link popularity to the website. Because the website is new and lacks domain authority and longevity, the off-page component will be vital in achieving the goals of the SEO campaign.

Other essential elements of the OQ International's SEO program include basic integration with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and ongoing tracking and analysis. Although these aspects come standard in most programs offered by OIC's SEO branch, the intelligence gained from analytics data will offer insights for long-term expansion of the overall program.

The search marketing team is very confident in helping OQ International attain top keyword rankings. The competition for calibration services Illinois and other related keywords is mild, and the website has already been crawled and indexed by Google. OIC anticipates a couple of months before they can get OQ International in the top 3 search engine listings for these primary keyword targets. Stay tuned to learn more about the progression of this project.

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Chiropractors in Bloomington, IL Align Their Search Marketing Strategy With OIC

Apr 25, 2014

The Bloomington, IL chiropractors of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic have teamed-up with the experts of OIC Group to better align their search marketing strategy with the new standards of Google and best practices of local SEO. Bly Chiropractic Bloomington IL

Already ranking fairly well Google local search for keywords around "chiropractors in Bloomington, IL" and "Bloomington chiropractic clinic", the website of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has previously undergone respectable SEO treatment. However after a thorough website assessment (and off-site audit,) the analysts at OIC Group have found numerous weaknesses and opportunities that can be addressed.

As a result, Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has commenced a comprehensive search marketing program with OIC, consisting of both local SEO and PPC advertising programs to maximize local search exposure.

About the Program for Bly-Hillman Chiropractic

Embarking on a trifecta of Internet marketing campaigns, Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has sought the resources and expertise of OIC Group for local SEO, PPC, and also social media marketing. Below we go into greater detail about each component of the chiropractor's program.

Google Local SEO

What's unique about the local SEO component of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic's program is that it focuses on two unique sub-sets of localized search results: Google local listings and local organic listing.

Chiropractor Bloomington IL

The Google local listings (shown above) are the localize results that are accompanied by the Google map. Although these listings are inconsistent and sometimes displayed lower on the first SERP, for the keyword search "chiropractor Bloomington IL" the Google local listing are positioned rather high, making them primary areas of focus.

Optimizing the Google local listing for Bly-Hillman Chiropractic will take unique approach of integrating the chiropractor's Google+ Local page, in addition to building and cleaning-up citations found on various local directories.

Taking a completely different approach to local SEO, the team at OIC also plans to optimize the website for better placement in the local organic listing (which are simply the traditional organic listings, but locally tailored for chiropractic-related searches in Bloomington, IL.

Shown below, the website of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic is ranking #2 for the keyword "chiropractor Bloomington IL". Although at a significant disadvantage being positioned below the Google local listings, the site is indeed in-the-hunt. OIC hopes to prompt the site above the Google local listings, giving the chiropractors top fold SERP exposure in three placements: organic listings, Google local listings, and PPC ads.

Chiropractor Bloomington Illinois

Local PPC Advertising

Mik Hamilton ChiropracticReady to launch at the end of April is the Google AdWords PPC advertising campaign for Bly-Hillman Chiropractic. The campaign is structured to target both geo-modified keywords (e.g. "Bloomington, IL chiropractors") as well as general search terms like "chiropractic services" (but with the AdWords campaign geographically confined to the Bloomington, IL area.)

OIC Group's Internet marketing team has realized great success with this approach to PPC advertising. By setting up unique AdWords campaigns and ad groups for both geo-modified and general keyword queries (by using Google's ad targeting capabilities), Bly-Hillman Chiropractic can ensure optimal search exposure while minimizing cost-per-click and overall ad spend (as a result of high keyword quality scores.)

Although not as intensive as the latter components of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic's strategy, social media marketing will also be integrated. This will primarily focus on YouTube, Google+, and Facebook, as the chiropractors in Bloomington, IL have created a wealth of video-based content which can be leveraged in multiple ways.

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OIC Builds Search Marketing Campaign for the Village of Morton, IL

Jun 20, 2013

In an effort to expand its local search exposure and generate quality traffic to its website, the Village of Morton has recently teamed-up with the search marketing experts of OIC Group. Morton, Illinois

The website for the Village of Morton, IL serves a central hub for locals living in Morton, as well as a resource for visitor and tourism information. Additionally, the Village of Morton website also provides commercial-related information for prospective businesses, existing companies in the area, and entrepreneurs considering starting a business in Morton, IL.

Spanning from local residents looking to pay their utility bills online, to prospective business looking for vacant buildings to do business, visitors of the site are as diverse as the area's forefathers who established the economic foundation of the Peoria and greater central Illinois regions.

The core purpose of the local search marketing campaign is intended to direct the latter-mentioned audiences to the website when they search Google (and other respective search engines) for relevant keywords. This has resulted in the creation of an interesting campaign for OIC's search marketing team. Because the Village of Morton's website is so diversified in its target search markets, the optimization process has required a slightly more unique approach.

In an effort to educate prospective residents about the area's fine education facilities, a major focus for the website was to highlight Morton, IL schools and education, namely the area's highly acclaimed Morton District 709. With the help of OIC, the website showcases a well of information in the category and should help attract interested families to the area.

To learn more about the Morton, Illinois area, visit the OIC Group-designed website,, for more information.

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Walz Scale Jumps Onboard With a Global SEO Campaign

Jun 6, 2013

Starting as a web design and development client for OIC Group, Peoria-based company Walz Scale has climbed onboard with a global SEO campaign with Walz Scale Mining Truck Onboard ScalesOIC's web marketing team. 

Unlike most SEO campaign taken-on by OIC's web marketing team that focus on local and national markets, Walz Scale is targeting a global search market. By optimizing the website for Walz' unique line-up of industrial weighing equipment, software and service solutions, OIC plans to go abroad with its SEO efforts by taking-on major competitors in India, Europe, and South America.

"We're confident we can deliver top results for Walz Scale. The website offers an intuitive navigation and user experience, the domain has respectable authority, and the site is build using our Exponent CMS, which is highly SEO-friendly. We look forward to seeing some great rankings right out of the gate." claims OIC's SEO and Internet marketing manager, Tyler Tafelsky.

"However I was a bit surprised to see that the competition is a bit more fierce than I initially expected." Tafelsky adds.

Walz Scale provides a wide range of weigh scale products and services used for industrial, agriculture, mining, transportation, and recycling applications. In fact, the core business is segmented into three major categories for each application, including:

Walz Scale, which surrounds industrial weighing technologies like portable truck scales and axle scales.

Walz OnBoard/Pfreundt-na, which centers on mobile onboard scales and weighing equipment, onsite solutions and calibration services.

Walz Mining, which focuses on mining scales, onsite weighing services, wheel loader scales, and various specialty services for mining operations.

OIC's SEO team has just commenced the search marketing program and is excited to see the results. Keep an eye out for Peoria-based Walz Scale to start seeing global search visibility in Google and other search engines within the very near future.

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