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OIC Partners With Facet's New Peoria Web Design Branch

Mar 19, 2016

While OIC Group has strived to become the leading Peoria web design company over the last couple decades, the company is restructuring approach to now focusing primarily on SEO and Internet marketing solutions. In doing so, OIC has partnered with Facet Tech (one central Illinois' leading technology companies,) specifically - Facet Web Tech - the branch for web design in Peoria, IL.Facet Web Tech Website Design Peoria IL

Having worked together over the years on many different projects, Facet Tech and OIC Group have a long-standing reputation in the Peoria Area stemming from their association in the Prairie Tech Alliance. Both members of Prairie Tech, Facet Tech and OIC have served as valuable assets to each other in referring new client leads and sharing specialized needs for IT and web design in Peoria. Now, the dynamic duo plans to create more synergy in Peoria's web world by sharing expertise in both website design and various Internet marketing channels, like SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Facet Web Tech's Peoria Web Design Solutions

Facet Web Tech, the newest branch of Facet and web design company in Peoria, offers custom web development, software development, and other specialized digital solutions. Drawing the diverse skill-sets of the Facet Tech family, Facet Web Tech provides solutions that touch on areas of enterprise IT solutions, recovering hacked websites, removing malware and computer viruses, and web presence optimization services.

Web Design Peoria IL

Through Facet Web Tech, the company's expanded service offerings include website development and re-design services as well as custom software development services, such as upgrading out-dated proprietary in-house programs and establishing new web-based solutions for companies. The Peoria web design company is excited to offer an experienced and professional development team to execute client goals with enthusiasm and expertise.

Acquiring New Web Design Leads in Peoria, IL

OIC Group's partnership with Facet Web Tech plays a two-fold role. First, OIC is in the process of unveiling a new SEO and Internet marketing program to promote Facet Web Tech's Peoria web design and software development solutions. The program is just getting started as the on-site SEO process is currently under construction. Peoria Web Design Company

The second role that OIC has in helping to grow Facet Web Tech and acquire new web design leads in Peoria, IL is acting as a referral source. As Peoria area companies still reach out to OIC for web design services, the company will pass this business along to Facet Web Tech. Conversely, the SEO and Internet marketing needs of future Facet Web Tech clients will passed over to OIC's team. Together, the partnership will create value, not only for OIC Group and Facet Web Tech, but for the greater Peoria web design community.

To learn more about the new Peoria web design branch of Facet, visit:

Facet Web Tech
2103 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554
(309) 353-4727

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Illinois Warehousing & 3PL Company Revives Marketing Program With OIC

Oct 16, 2015

3PL Logistics Company UniFacAfter taking short break to restructure and reallocate marketing dollars, Illinois warehousing and 3PL (third part logistics) company United Facilities, Inc. has commenced a new marketing program with OIC Group.

United Facilities, Inc. (dubbed "UniFac,") is a nation-wide, full-service supply chain management and 3PL provider with 12 distribution centers strategically positioned throughout the U.S. The third party logistics service provider is experiencing tremendous growth and plans to open a thirteenth warehouse and distribution center just outside of Los Angeles, California next year.

Helping UniFac Becoming a Nationally-Recognized 3PL Company

The marketing program prior to this new plan remained focal to search marketing and expanding UniFac's visibility in Google via AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as well as organic search engine optimization (SEO). This previous effort generated several new customers seeking warehouse space, freight forwarding, supply chain management, and 3PL. The new marketing program, however, will encompass all of the latter elements, and more.

In addition to increasing visibility for UniFac's primary service areas in which its warehouses and distribution centers are located, the marketing plan moving forward takes a more aggressive approach. Together with the team at OIC, the program centers on positioning UniFac has nationally-recognized authority among 3PL logistics companies throughout the U.S.

Taking a More Comprehensive & Strategic Approach

Illinois warehousing 3PL providerFurther, new marketing strategies are being implemented to take a more cohesive and comprehensive approach to achieving the latter objectives. In addition to search engine marketing, UniFac's marketing program will also be focal to social media marketing, content marketing, and reputation management.

OIC is working intensely with key members of the 3PL company to cultivate industry-related news and blog content to publish on the website. Additionally, the Illinois-based warehouse management and logistics company is taking a more proactive approach to being active of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

While the competitive playing field is fierce for supply chain management and 3PL providers, OIC is confident that with its talent and resources, it can help make UniFac a national leader in the logistics industry.

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German Bliss' Online Store Gets Web Design Revamp

Jun 10, 2015

German Bliss OIC News

As OIC Group helps local equipment dealer German Bliss grow its business with a comprehensive SEO and Internet marketing program, the need for a new web design was vital for its online parts store.

The old and out-dated design of the former online parts store received a facelift last week as OIC unveiled the curtain behind the new site. Featuring a cleaner and more modern look and feel, the new design provides users with greater ease and functionality for finding parts and replacement components for their equipment.

online store web design

Improvements Parallel With Performance

It has been almost 6 months since German Bliss started the Internet marketing program with OIC Group, and traffic to the company's online store as increased almost 120% (with seasonal traffic at over 200% increases.) Combining both organic SEO and PPC advertising, the Internet marketing has been highly successful in helping to grow online sales of German Bliss.

Increase Traffic German Bliss

With the new growth has spawned the need to enhance the conversion rate optimization efforts of the new online store. With a sharper design, a more fluid conversion funnel, and an easy-to-use parts look-up option, OIC is confident the new site will help translate the increase in traffic to an increase in sales.

Responsive, Conversion-Oriented Website

In addition to providing more conversion touch points, the new design emerged as a need to ensure the site is responsive on all devices. This initiative came parallel with Google's mobile-friendly search engine update which awards responsive website with better search engine rankings in Google mobile search.

This focus also centers on compelling data that shows more than 50% of all Google users are performing search queries on a mobile device. For this reason alone, the influx of mobile search traffic could not go overlooked.

More About German Bliss

Although German Bliss is locally-focused dealer with three locations in central Illinois (Springfield, Princeville, and East Peoria), a significant amount of the companies sales stem from its online parts store. Locally, the company provides sales, rentals, and service on a wide range of landscaping equipment, lawn mowers, tractors, and much more.

However on the online store, the core focus is replacement parts. And German Bliss is among few online retailers that offers hard to find replacement parts for brands like Bush Hog, Sweepster, SnowEx, Servis Rhino, Land Pride, Gehl, and various other manufacturers. As a result of the company's unique marketing strategies and consistent growth, German Bliss is a thriving entity and role model for local businesses everywhere.

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Practice Management Markets Medical Billing Services With OIC

Feb 17, 2015

Practice ManagementBased in Arlington Heights, IL just outside of Chicago, Practice Management teams-up with OIC for a complete web marketing campaign to better advertise its highly-specialized medical billing services. The Illinois-based medical billing company has a wide range of specialty billing services that it offers on a nationwide scale. As a result, Practice Management is taking its marketing efforts online to better expose its wide range of medical billing services and further grow the the company's client base.

Since 1995, Practice Management has set out to continuously achieve a simple mission for various health care communities and organizations: to provide clients with the top medical billing services in the industry. The specialists at Practice Management have provided a wide range of doctors, physicians, and other medical and health professionals with billing solutions to better enable their practices to operate more effectively and and cost-efficiently. Medical Billing Company

At the core of Practice Management, the company's solutions are intended to help their clients obtain the highest return on their medical billing claims. In doing so, the company strives to provide client physicians, medical practices, and their patients with professional medical billing services. Among Practice Management's expertise include FQHC billing, surgery billing, pain management billing, pediatric billing, podiatry billing, and OB/GYN billing services, to name a few.

Together with OIC, Practice Management is making strides to attract new business to its website. With a comprehensive web marketing campaign launching this week, and the possibility of mobile optimization down the road, the medical billing company is taking it's online web presence to the next level.

After a year of success leveraging Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with OIC, Practice Management is expanding its marketing strategies by investing in content marketing, website optimization, and organic search optimization with OIC. In the weeks to come, the complete program will be in full-force.

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New Website for Walz Load Scanner

Dec 17, 2014

A new website for the Walz Load Scanner system, an innovative load management product from Walz Scale, launched to showcase the system's advanced solutions and unique features. Media-rich and uber-informative, the new load scanner website,, captures incredible possibilities of the product.

truck scanner load

Beyond offering a conversion-oriented theme that educates and enlightens visitors of the load scanner system, is pursuing an advanced search marketing program with OIC Group. The search marketing program includes organic search engine optimization (SEO) as well as Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Together with these channels, OIC plans to bring greater awareness to the Walz Load Scanner by attain top search engine visibility for target keywords around load scanner" and "truck load volume scanner," to name a few.

For a brief look into the Walz Load Scanner, check out the video below that's also featured at Or learn more below about the search marketing program for the site.

Advanced Search Marketing for

Although exact match domains (EMD's) are losing their touch in SEO best practice, the intention behind goes far beyond ranking #1 for primary keyword target "load scanner." OIC, along with's parent company, Walz Scale, are determined to make the Walz Load Scanner system the authority solution in the marketplace for volumetic load scanner technology.

Just a couple months into the organic SEO campaign for and the website already has multiple page one listings for the primary keyword "load scanner." Additionally, OIC is leveraging other web properties owned by Wal Scale to rank even more pages on first the page of Google search.

Also in full-force is the PPC advertising campaign for Targeting similar keywords, the site is well-positioned at the top of Google's search results with paid search placement via AdWords. OIC has implemented a number of advanced PPC advertising techniques to make the stand-out on the Google SERP, such as Callout extensions, Site Links, Call extensions, and more.

Keep an eye on over the next few months as the company is set-out to dominate the search market for load scanner technology.

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OIC Provides SEO for Surgeons Through New Website

Oct 3, 2014

OIC recently unveiled a new project that focuses on SEO for surgeons and related medical specialists. The new surgeon SEO site is and it just launched last September.

The SEO team at OIC is excited about this new project, as they plan to leverage multiple channels for lead acquisition. Additionally, the team has also been developing a vast network of surgeon-related resources to help support future clients in this particular niche. Optimized SEO for Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons is a simple yet highly targeted website that's well-optimized for keywords like "SEO for surgeons" and "plastic surgeon SEO". With organic SEO a more long-term focus in attracting quality leads, OIC has been aggressively working to attain top rankings for these terms, and just recently broke page one of Google for the former keyword phrase SEO for surgeons.

Given how new the website is, it will take some time before OIC sees the top 3 of Google, but they're confident. In addition to SEO, the lead acquisition strategy behind Optimized Surgeons also includes a couple other approaches.

Targeting Surgeon SEO Clients With Paid Advertising

SEO Optimized SurgeonsWhen most marketing professional hear paid advertising, they often think Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. And while PPC might be an option in the distant future for Optimized Surgeons, the first form of paid advertising that's focal to the program is Facebook advertising.

The incredibly targeted advertising capabilities on Facebook enable marketers to serve ads to individuals and professionals based on many different interests, demographics, affiliations, and accreditations. In short order, Optimized Surgeons can create ads targeting professionals with specific surgical specialties. Those prospects with an interest in local SEO for plastic surgeons might find these ads of great interest. Additionally, the cost per click (or engagement) using this advertising platform is far less than Google AdWords PPC advertising.

Organic Means to Market Optimized Surgeons

In addition to leveraging OIC's powerful capabilities in SEO, other organic means to market Optimized Surgeons include social media marketing and content marketing. These elements are still in-the-works, as the Google+ page for Optimized Surgeons was recently created, and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are next to come.

A blog was also recently added to the website of Optimized Surgeons and will serve as content publishing platform to share insightful and educational content with surgeons interested in SEO. The combination of producing valuable, relevant content and sharing it on social media will be integral component to the surgeon SEO company's branding and lead acquisition strategy. This activity will also help support the overall SEO strategy, as a strong active social media presence (combined with consistently fresh and updated content) can bolster credibility and authority for SEO.

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OIC Helps New Client Become the Authority in Machine Embroidery Designs

Oct 2, 2014

Recently teaming-up with OIC Group is embroidery design company Windstar Embroidery. In an effort to market the website and gain more search engine exposure surrounding the company's core focus in providing sewing machine embroidery designs, Windstar Embroidery is embarking on a comprehensive web marketing strategy with OIC. Windstar Embroidery Designs for Machines

Windstar Embroidery is long-standing player in online marketplace of sewing machine embroidery designs, as the website showcases tens of thousands of embroidery designs for machines. From celestial to season embroidery designs, Windstar Embroidery has been building it's inventory of downloadable embroidery designs for the last decade.

With an influx of new companies and websites competing for the same customers seeking machine embroidery designs, Windstar Embroidery has joined forces with OIC to soon become the authority in embroidery designs for sewing machines. Below you can learn more about the comprehensive web marketing program that OIC is spearheading.

Better Search Engine Visibility for Embroidery Design Keywords

The primary component to the web marketing program is search engine marketing (SEM). This includes a strategic exploitation of both organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The SEM component targets primary keywords like embroidery designs for sewing machines and machine embroidery designs, while also encompassing a many other specific types of design keywords, such as Christian embroidery designs, religious embroidery designs, and Redwork machine embroidery designs to name a few.

religious embroidery designsThe inventory of embroidery design for download is incredibly vast at With well over 100 different categories to explore (and numerous sub-categories) the possibilities and opportunities with SEM are incredibly deep. OIC and Windstar Embroidery are taking a modest approach during the initial phase of the program by staying focal to about 100 keyword targets.

Windstar Embroidery's website is already well-optimized and geared for SEO. In fact, before any SEO work was applied by OIC, the site was ranking one page one of Google for keywords like Christian embroidery designs and countless others. This centered on the website be aged, authoritative, and already keyword relevant on numerous targets.

As a result, off-page SEO and link generation are major components to the SEO program. Although the website of Windstar Embroidery has strong and completely natural backlink profile, there's still great room from improvement by generating quality, SEO-friendly links that will help grow keyword rankings overtime.

Keeping an Active Social Media Presence

Supplementing the overall SEO and web marketing program is keeping an active and engaged social media presence for Windstar Embroidery. With social media accounts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, a comprehensive social media marketing component will help build the brand and authority of Windstar Embroidery.

With the social media presence of Windstar Embroidery a blank slate with few followers on each platform, OIC plans to jump start the campaign naturally by keeping a highly active and engaged presence, organically. During the second phase of the web marketing program, OIC may implement some social media advertising strategies on Facebook and perhaps Twitter.

The overall is program is in full-force and PPC ads are live and rankings starting to grow. The marketing team at OIC is excited to see some outstanding results in the coming months with Windstar Embroidery.

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Bloomington, IL Massage Center Unviels AdWords Campaign with OIC

Jul 15, 2014

Bloomington, IL massage therapy center,, recently unveiled a Google AdWords PPC advertising campaign with OIC's search marketing team. Designed capture greater search engine visibility on keywords like "massage Bloomington, IL" and other variations, the campaign provides immediate and cost-effective advertising exposure for n8 touch massage

Because the website of N8 Touch Massage is brand new, the SEO strategy will take some time before top keyword rankings are earned in the organic search results. This was the main incentive to launch the AdWords campaign for the Bloomington, IL massage center. Not only does the AdWords campaign serve as the perfect way to launch N8 Touch Massage's search marketing endeavors, but the campaign also serves as testing grounds for SEO keyword targets. How?

Using PPC Advertising to Test Keywords for SEO

N8 Touch Massage is interested in optimizing and ranking its website for aromatherapy massage Bloomington, IL Unsure of whether or not this keyword will actually lead to conversions on the site, we can test this keyword using AdWords. After a significant amount of people have come to the site on the keyword aromatherapy massage Bloomington, IL, we can see how well the keyword performed in generating conversions. Based on the keywords performance in PPC, we can then determine whether or not to target this keyword for SEO.

This testing strategy is highly effective and helps steer our SEO efforts in the right direction. Because SEO is a more long-term endeavor, it's good to be confident in knowing the conversion value a certain keyword phrase holds. If "aromatherapy massage Bloomington, IL" does not generate any conversions, we can focus our efforts on other keywords we know will provide greater value to the overall campaign.

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Chiropractors in Bloomington, IL Align Their Search Marketing Strategy With OIC

Apr 25, 2014

The Bloomington, IL chiropractors of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic have teamed-up with the experts of OIC Group to better align their search marketing strategy with the new standards of Google and best practices of local SEO. Bly Chiropractic Bloomington IL

Already ranking fairly well Google local search for keywords around "chiropractors in Bloomington, IL" and "Bloomington chiropractic clinic", the website of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has previously undergone respectable SEO treatment. However after a thorough website assessment (and off-site audit,) the analysts at OIC Group have found numerous weaknesses and opportunities that can be addressed.

As a result, Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has commenced a comprehensive search marketing program with OIC, consisting of both local SEO and PPC advertising programs to maximize local search exposure.

About the Program for Bly-Hillman Chiropractic

Embarking on a trifecta of Internet marketing campaigns, Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has sought the resources and expertise of OIC Group for local SEO, PPC, and also social media marketing. Below we go into greater detail about each component of the chiropractor's program.

Google Local SEO

What's unique about the local SEO component of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic's program is that it focuses on two unique sub-sets of localized search results: Google local listings and local organic listing.

Chiropractor Bloomington IL

The Google local listings (shown above) are the localize results that are accompanied by the Google map. Although these listings are inconsistent and sometimes displayed lower on the first SERP, for the keyword search "chiropractor Bloomington IL" the Google local listing are positioned rather high, making them primary areas of focus.

Optimizing the Google local listing for Bly-Hillman Chiropractic will take unique approach of integrating the chiropractor's Google+ Local page, in addition to building and cleaning-up citations found on various local directories.

Taking a completely different approach to local SEO, the team at OIC also plans to optimize the website for better placement in the local organic listing (which are simply the traditional organic listings, but locally tailored for chiropractic-related searches in Bloomington, IL.

Shown below, the website of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic is ranking #2 for the keyword "chiropractor Bloomington IL". Although at a significant disadvantage being positioned below the Google local listings, the site is indeed in-the-hunt. OIC hopes to prompt the site above the Google local listings, giving the chiropractors top fold SERP exposure in three placements: organic listings, Google local listings, and PPC ads.

Chiropractor Bloomington Illinois

Local PPC Advertising

Mik Hamilton ChiropracticReady to launch at the end of April is the Google AdWords PPC advertising campaign for Bly-Hillman Chiropractic. The campaign is structured to target both geo-modified keywords (e.g. "Bloomington, IL chiropractors") as well as general search terms like "chiropractic services" (but with the AdWords campaign geographically confined to the Bloomington, IL area.)

OIC Group's Internet marketing team has realized great success with this approach to PPC advertising. By setting up unique AdWords campaigns and ad groups for both geo-modified and general keyword queries (by using Google's ad targeting capabilities), Bly-Hillman Chiropractic can ensure optimal search exposure while minimizing cost-per-click and overall ad spend (as a result of high keyword quality scores.)

Although not as intensive as the latter components of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic's strategy, social media marketing will also be integrated. This will primarily focus on YouTube, Google+, and Facebook, as the chiropractors in Bloomington, IL have created a wealth of video-based content which can be leveraged in multiple ways.

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Bloomington Massage Center Gets the Marketing Touch from OIC

Apr 24, 2014

Bloomington, IL massage and wellness center, N8 Touch Massage, just signed on as one of OIC's newest Internet marketing clients. Embarking on compressive program composed of local SEO, PPC advertising, and social media marketing, N8 Touch Massage seeks to expand its search engine presence in more ways than one. n8 touch massage in bloomington il

The campaign strategy looks to promote the various massage services of N8 Touch Massage. Spanning from hot stone and couples massage to deep tissue and Swedish massage, the vast options that N8 Touch Massage offers is unique to other massage centers in Bloomington, IL.

Current Standing & Campaign Insights

Currently, the website of N8 Touch Massage is distant from page one rankings on most primary keywords surrounding massage Bloomington, IL, Bloomington massage and other long-tail variations that encompass specific massage services. Because domain of N8 Touch Massage is fairly new, and the site has undergone no optimization, the current SEO standing offers a blank slate for the OIC marketing team.

N8 Touch Massaeg Bloomington ILIn addition to getting the website optimized and launching a link generation program (coupled with social media,) OIC plans to jump start the web presence of N8 Touch Massage with a Google AdWords PPC advertising program.

The PPC program will be locally-targeted to trigger ads to only search engine users in the Bloomington, Illinois area. The program will also target both core terms around "massage" as well as variations for specific massage services, like "sports massage" and "deep tissue massage" (in Bloomington, IL.)

Action Items Moving Forward

Some of the most essential SEO elements are missing on the N8 Touch Massage website, which is partly why the website is need of dire help by OIC's SEO professionals. Some of these elements include:

  • HTML and XML sitemap integration
  • Sufficient page copy that's respectively keyword optimized
  • Proper use of NAP/citation in the header and footer (for Google local SEO)
  • Use of internal linking between pages within the site
  • Verified Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. After conducting a thorough citation audit, the OIC team noted a great deal of improvements needing done off the website as well. Stay abreast the search results for this Bloomington, IL massage center, for the OIC team hopes to see N8 Touch Massage ranking on page one in a matter of a couple months or less.

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