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MySQL Database Management System - MySQL - Database Integration


MySQL Database Integration and Development

MySQL Database Integration & DevelopmentWhen a company needs database integration and development, particularly in the MySQL Database, companies choose Online Innovative Creations.

We have many years of expertise in MySQL administration, performance tuning, and application design. We base many of our MySQL based applications on our Exponent Framework, which offers an existing stable and tested MySQL application abstraction layer in addition to build your application on.

Besides the Exponent framework, the talented team of programmers at our php application development company are also able to take your custom php application requests and build a quality application with MySQL integration.

Why create the database with MySQL and not the "other" database?

The reason is simple for us. MySQL compared to other proprietary databases (such as MS SQL Server or Oracle) allows users to build their applications and store data on a non-proprietary database, eliminating expensive licensing fees, difficult platform dependencies, or the host of other issues normally associated with proprietary, licensed database engines.

MySQL follows the same open source model that we do in releasing our Exponent CMS Framework, but also backed by a commercial company which offers affordable commercial support.

By using the MySQL open source database, our programmers are able to create specialized web based applications which function as well or better than applications based on proprietary databases. The benefit that is realized with our method of programming with MySQL as your database engine is a more rapid application development cycle, easier on-going maintenance, and a lower total cost of ownership.


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