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Edit Website Content Easy with Exponent Content Management System


Easily Edit Website Content with Point-and-Click Tools

Three Steps to Easy Content Editing

In-line easy website content editing - Step 1 - Login as an administrator

In-Line Content Editing - Step 2 - Edit the block of content
In-Line Content Editing - Step 3 - Edit the content as needed

One of the drawbacks of many content management systems is a disconnected, unintuitive back end administrative interface for managing the site and system. These back-end interfaces are often clunky and difficult to learn, especially for inexperienced users.

Exponent CMS uses an intuitive, flexible and easy content editing system that allows website content to be edited right on the page as it appears:

  • No more back-end administration
  • No more navigating endless administration pages
    to add a simple line of text
  • Just point, click, type, save... and you're done!

Simply visit the page you need to edit as if you were a site visitor. If you have permissions to do so – login and edit the content easily right there on the page!


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