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Support Technician / Linux Network Engineer Position

Job Overv​iew:

We are looking for the right person to fill a support / engineer position.  This position requires a variety of both technical and people skills, as the position requires supporting clients with various levels of technical ability, as well as performing deep systems administration work.

General Job Duties:

  • Answering and directing incoming calls.
  • Managing our Support Ticket System, responding to customers in a timely manner, keeping them informed of the status and the expected resolution of issues, and documenting accordingly.
  • Providing 1st level technical support for web hosting and website administration (usage of a CMS).
  • Providing 2nd level escalated technical support for advanced troubleshooting needs.
  • All levels of systems administration including:
    • Configuration & deployment of Linux servers (both dedicated and virtual) for web hosting, using a mixture of LAMP and CPanel setups.
    • Performance of daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups.
    • Troubleshooting any network issues.
    • Complete management of client hosting accounts.

General Qualification Requirements:

  • Must have both PEOPLE and TECHNICAL skills. You must possess a patient and friendly, disarming personality to work with non-tech savvy clients on standard Level 1 troubleshooting issues such as password resets, email account configuration, etc., but also be able to effectively handle advanced Level 2 support issues.
  • Must have the ability to be a good listener, and to really understand a customer's problem or question and help them solve it completely.
  • Must be very self-motivated and comfortable working on your own, as well as with a team.
  • Skilled at locating the resources required to solve problems.
  • Must possess the ability to make good decisions on a technical level, keeping the KISS principle in mind at all times, as well as project timeframes, complexity and budgets.
  • Must be able to communicate verbally via phone and via email in a courteous, pleasant, and professional manner.
  • Must be detail-oriented and have exceptional followthrough skills in order to fully work a task to completion, including any required documenting or reporting.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Must adhere to diligent documenting, following processes, as well as creating and documenting new or updated processes.
  • Excellent understanding of the technical fundamentals of the Internet. You should have a solid knowledge of all standard internet protocols; experience using a web content management system, as well as knowledge of search engine optimization are both a plus.
  • This is a very interrupt-driven job that will pull you many directions. You must be able to thrive in this type of environment. You will be pulled on and off of tasks/projects to address other immediate needs, and will be  consistently juggling a variety of tasks/projects at any given time.

Technical Qualification Requirements:

  • Senior level advanced Linux administration skills - setup, configuration and on-going maintenance including installation, configuration, and on-going maintenance/upgrading of software. The general Linux command line should feel like an extension of your personal being.
  • Proficient with setup, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of the standard LAMP stack: Apache, PHP & MySql.
  • Thorough understanding of backup setup and administration, with a strong preference on familiarity with Bacula.
  • Must be proficient with administration of CPanel.
  • Must understand domain registration and registrar management.
  • Must understand SSL creation, setup and configuration.
  • Must understand SSH and using/administering public/private keys.
  • Must be proficient with setting up and administering PHP-based web sites and web applications.
  • Must be proficient with firewall, intrusion detection and monitoring software - iptables, fail2ban, OSSEC, nagios, etc.
  • Must be proficient with email server configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting with a preference on Exim mail server. Must be able to troubleshoot SPAM and email delivery issues, and understand mailing list management.
  • Proficient in managing user accounts and passwords.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of DNS concepts and administration.
  • Must be familiar with cron, Rsync, PhpMyAdmin.
  • Preferred skills in both bash coding and especially PHP coding.
  • Understanding of GIT Source code management a plus.
  • Familiarity with virtualization.

Term:  This position is part-time to start, with the quick potential for full-time, based on proficiency of applicant.  This is also a potential work-from-home opportunity for the right individual.

Education: None required, as this position requires demonstrated skills, however a technical degree or certificate is preferred.

Compensation: Based on both experience and demonstrated skill level in the variety of areas defined above.

Directions to Apply:

Directions must be followed exactly in order to be considered for the position.

  • Do not call.
  • Fill out the form below - attach your resume, and answer the following questions on the last page of your resume:
    • What Linux distributions have you worked with?  What is your preferred distro?
    • What is an MX record?
    • How do you list and flush rules in iptables?
    • What is the difference between a DoS and a DDoS?
    • What module in Apache is used for rewriting URLs of a website and what is the name of the file those rules are usually saved in?
    • Briefly describe the steps involved with installing a utility application from source on the command line.
    • From the command line, what utility program would you use to install a pre-compiled application on CentOS from the repositories?
    • What is the standard SMTP port?
    • If a client was using an ISP that was blocking the standard SMTP port and could not send an outgoing email, how would you resolve the issue?
    • Who is your all time favorite cartoon character?
    • What are the standard WHM and CPanel user interface ports?
    • Explain the steps to issuing a signed secure certificate for a website.
    • What are the minimum necessary parameters you need to connect to a MySql server from a web application?
    • If ran as the root user, what will the following command do to the /var directory if it is formatted using the reiser file system but mounted on a different partition than / ?:  rm -rf /*
    • Explain what it means if 'top' shows a load average of 50.0.

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