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Focus Your Website Message - Target Your Website Audience - User Centric Web Design


Step 1: Make Your Website - Target Your Website Audience

Target Your Website Audience
Make Your Website - Target Your Website Audience - Focus Your Website Message

The most important objective to determine during the web development process is who your website target audience will be.  We call this "User Centric" web design.

Your website design, along with the content of your website, should cater to the target audience who will find it valuable and useful to their needs. When determining who your website target audience will be, ask yourself:

Who do you want to visit your website? (e.g. Employees, New Customers, Current Customers You're Supporting)
What information will those visitors be looking for when they visit your website?

These are important questions to answer in user centric web design. Answering these questions will help you Target Your Website Audience and Focus Your Website Message to that critical audience.

When you work with OIC Group in Peoria, Illinois, we will help you determine your short and long term website goals, and help you optimize your website target audience so you get the most out of your web presence.


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