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About the Exponent Website Content Management System

Exponent Website Content Management System packageExponent is a website content management system (or CMS) that allows website owners to easily create and manage dynamic, search engine friendly websites without the knowledge of directly coding web pages, managing site navigation, manually uploading files and other cumbersome manual web design processes.

Unlike other website management tools, no additional applications need to be downloaded by a user to permit them to use Exponent. Everything from user management, to site configuration, to easy content editing and content management approval is done within the system - simply. Exponent CMS does what other website content management systems do - Exponent allows anyone with proper permissions to:

But Exponent Content Management System does all this in a new and unique way that other website content management systems can not do. Most of Exponent's website content management functionality is modular in design. Modules can be dropped into your site to add new functionality quickly and easily. Exponent comes with a very large assortment of website content management modules such as:

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