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Step 2: Manage Your Website - Website Traffic Analysis

Website Traffic Analysis
Manage Your Website - Website Traffic Analysis

How does your website measure up to the competition?Our SEO and web design company can provide you with in-depth website traffic analysis and web analytics to help you measure your SEO and website performance.

We offer two robust website traffic analysis solutions to help you measure website performance.

First, our website content management system is fully compatible with the Google Analytics Web Analytics Tool. Once you've created your Google Analytics account, we can integrate your Google Analytics code allowing you to take advantage of its powerful website traffic analysis statistics.

The second web analytics tool we offer is web server log statistics, or AwStats, that your website's server records each time a user visits your website. All of this can be integrated with ease, regardless of your SEO and website marketing efforts.

Used in tandem, Google Analytics and web server log statistics can provide you with a breath of information to help you improve your online marketing approach! Whether you have a local Peoria SEO campaign, or national search engine marketing campaign, these tools are great assets for your online marketing arsenal.



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