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What Makes a CMS SEO Friendly?

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What Makes a CMS SEO Friendly?

SEO Friendly CMSContent management system (CMS) software has become a highly sought-after solution to build and operate a website. CMS software makes website management both affordable and easy, enabling the most elementary end users to make edits and ongoing updates to a site.

Additionally, web design providers utilize CMS software to seamless build and optimize sites for their clients. The SEO friendliness of the site, however, depends which content management system was used to develop the site. Now more than ever, web design firms are developing sites on a CMS platform. It is thus very important that if you're planning to use a CMS to manage your website, you ensure that the software will suit essential SEO functionality.

Some content management systems offer greater SEO capabilities then others, so you'll want to know what to look for in search engine friendly CMS software. Below we dive into the characteristics of what makes a CMS SEO friendly.

The Roots to Search Engine Friendly Content Management Systems

Page Editing Functionality

With respect to SEO, it is crucial that your CMS has the necessary page editing functionality. That is, you or your SEO provider must be able to write keyword optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs for each page. These elements are essential for on-page optimization are must have's for a SEO-friendly CMS.

Back-End Coding Structure

In addition to these critical functionality features, the back-end HTML coding structure of each page will often depend on the type of CMS software used to build the site. There are a number of content management systems that produce pages with minimal, search engine friendly coding structures. The most common of these CMS platforms are WordPress and Exponent CMS. These are two of the most popular for SEO's and search-focused web designers looking build and optimize a site.

Other SEO Friendly CMS Considerations

Other characteristics that define SEO friendly CMS include:

  • software that generates pages based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), as opposed to nestled tables and other cumbersome coding structures
  • a CMS platform that is considered 'developer friendly' in that it offers the capabilities of implementing links, copy, images, videos, and other elements in specific areas throughout a page
  • software that allows users to produce dynamic, keyword friendly URLs
  • platforms that automatically generate XML sitemaps for submission to Google Webmaster Tools (highly ideal for ecommerce SEO)

These are the essentials of search engine friendly content management systems. Whether you're a business looking for a website, or web designer seeking the right CMS to use, these guidelines can help you narrow you search for the right CMS platform that offers optimal SEO friendliness. Learn more about Web design in Peoria IL.


This article written by Tyler Tafelsky, one of our Internet marketing specialists here at OIC Group, Inc.

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