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How Social Media Influences Google Search Rankings

It goes without question that social media now has a significant influence on Google's search engine rankings.

"Social signals," (also commonly referred to as "social indicators") are redefining how Google values quality, rank-worthy content, and thus the best practices of SEO. These are the Facebook Likes, Google +1's, Tweets, Pins, Shares, etc. that you often see on blog posts. Social Media SEO

That's not to say other ranking factors, such as inbound links and keyword relevancy, do not play a role in the SEO practice. But rather, SEO has becoming very socially integrated.

In order to achieve top search engine rankings, it's critical that you understand how social media impacts the game. Below we reveal some of the primary ways social media shapes SEO.

How Social Media Influences SEO

Of course social media in itself serves as a powerful marketing medium. However indirectly, social media can contribute to better search rankings.

  • Social Signals - This one's worth repeating. As a webpage earns more social signals, Google finds the page to have greater value and authority (and thus better ranking potential.) In addition to having a strong social media presence, you'll want to share your prized website content from time to time. This will help generate social favor (and thus SEO value) for your domain.
  • Citations - Also known as "mentions," are simply a company's name, address, and phone number found on other websites. From Google's perspective, citations represent greater credibility and legitimacy in a website. This is particularly influential for local SEO and increasing a business' listing in Google's local search results. Social media sites are a simple way to build citations.
  • Backlinks - These are inbound links that stem from other domains (such as a Twitter or Pinterest profile page.) Backlinks have been a huge topic of discussion in the SEO community. Now more than ever, it's important to generate backlinks organically. Building a presence on various social media sites is perfectly natural way to generate backlinks to your website.

Quick Tips to Leverage Social Media for SEO 

  • Build a blog, produce awesome content, and share it with your social audience.
  • Leverage Google Authorship in your content marketing practice.
  • At the very least, include Google+, Twitter, and Facebook in your social media portfolio. These social sites have the largest volume of users, and offer the greatest potential to generate social signals.
  • Integrate social sharing icons on your pages to make it easy for visitors to Like, +1, or Share your awesome content.
  • Reach out and build an strong, loyal community of social followers. This will only magnify your ability to generate social signals, as well as make your profile page an SEO asset in itself (social profile pages can rank very well in Google search.) You can use promoted tweets on Twitter, or Facebook advertising to help building your audience.

Want to learn more? Drop us a line here at OIC Group. Our social media marketing experts will be glad to assist you in creating a socially-integrated SEO campaign.

Twitter Tips for Local Business Marketing

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites with over 500 million users. In short, Twitter is a microblogging platform where users can share text-based messages (also know as "Tweets") which are limited to 140 characters.

Christened the SMS of the Internet, Twitter is one of the top ten most visited sites on the net. In 2011, Google Inc. agreed to include Tweets and Twitter results in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). In the agreement, Google said it would provide real-time data in its SERPs. These features are not only great for personal users, but also local business marketing (SEO).

Take the example of a new seafood restaurant in Peoria, Illinois. Building a Twitter presence can offer a number of marketing benefits. By establishing a strong following of Peoria-area foodies, the seafood restaurant can blast Tweets of dinner specials, fresh catches, and other incentives that steer local traffic through the door. Twitter can also be used to promote reviews on other social platforms like Google+ and Yelp.

Lastly, activity associated with the restaurant's Twitter account may appear in search results for keywords like "seafood restaurants in Peoria." This can generate greater brand awareness and new visitors. These are just a few common examples of how Twitter can help with local marketing. Now let’s get to some tips!

Tips for a Powerful Twitter Presence

Keep in mind that every local business is unique and that different social media marketing strategies will apply. These are some fundamental tips to help you build a powerful Twitter presence for you business.

  • Start by following local businesses and individuals who are authorities in your niche and region.
  • Always have something valuable or meaningful to Tweet about. Share news, offers, coupons, or other promotions.
  • Use hashtags (#) in front of relevant keywords in your Tweets. This can help your Tweets become found by related searches (e.g. #Peoria_Seafood, #PeoriaRestaurants #Best_Restaurants, etc.)
  • Include a Twitter icon (and perhaps a live Twitter feed) on the homepage of your website. This can attract new followers while keep your site fresh with new content.
  • Use Twitter in conjunction with other social platforms like Facebook and Google+, as well as your blogging efforts.
  • Promote you Twitter presence on off-line marketing materials like frequent diner cards, menus and brochures.

In addition, there are several tools that can make your Tweeting more efficient. Here at our Peoria, Illinois office, we like to use TweetDeck. You can learn more about this tool by visiting Start taking advantage of Twitter today. It's both easy to use and highly effective for local business marketing.


This article written by Tyler Tafelsky, one of SEO Specialists here at OIC Group, Inc.

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