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A Quick Primer On "The New SEO"

While there are several ways to increase a website's search engine exposure, few SEO programs yield consistent and sustainable results. This is often because the focus of the program is too narrow (i.e. comprised of only on-site SEO or only link building,) or the SEO program is aimless and overreaching (i.e. expecting to rank #1 for a very competitive keyword like “luxury cruises.”) New SEO

The best SEO programs are data-driven and cohesive in that they target attainable keywords and leverage a combination of web marketing and branding strategies. In addition to basic on-site SEO implementations, a comprehensive program would include strategies involving: social media marketing and advertising, content development, public relations and guest blogging, link building, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

What Defines a Solid SEO Program

Good SEO programs go far beyond optimizing pages for keyword relevancy. In fact, a solid SEO program is more comprehensive in that it includes a number of elements.

  • Optimizing Pages - Includes directly modifying or providing suggestions for new page titles, Meta descriptions, page copy, and other SEO-related components of a page.
  • Technical SEO - Focuses on coding the site for fluid crawling and indexing; website optimization for faster load speeds; URL naming, rewrites, and 301 redirects; usage of HTML/XML sitemaps and internal linking; image optimization; Schema markup when applicable.
  • Content Marketing - Developing a content strategy and working with clients to produce new optimized pages, blog posts/articles, press releases, and other forms of content that can be optimized for SEO and shared/distributed across many platforms, particularly social media.
  • Link Building - Generating link popularity using ethical, natural link building strategies. This takes a very mindful approach that should first include a thorough backlink SEO audit before starting.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization - Directly implementing or providing suggestions for conversion funneling, calls-to-action, and helping improve the website's traffic potential to generate leads.
  • Social media - Providing services in social media management, marketing consulting, and advertising (to boost and publicize optimized content for greater SEO potential.)
  • Reporting and tracking - Define specific metrics and variable (i.e. keyword rankings, monthly traffic, conversions, etc.)

Blended SEO Is Winning SEO

There are a number of benefits to leveraging a cohesive SEO strategy that blends social media, content marketing, and SEO. Blended SEO

  • The potential to generate highly-targeted inbound traffic to directly from social platforms.
  • Pages that earn social signals (i.e. Likes, Tweets, Pins, +1's, etc.) have significantly higher ranking potential for SEO (and links from those pages have greater SEO value to other pages of the website.)
  • Creating and publishing content on a regular basis helps accelerate the crawling and indexing rate of the website (bonus for SEO).
  • Quality content can earn links naturally, in addition influencing domain authority and other SEO-related performance metrics.
  • Leverage SEO-friendly web design services and ensure your site is well-optimized for search.
  • Bolster online brand building efforts.

An overwhelming number of SEO providers will focus their services on generating traffic to your website. But if that traffic does not translate to conversions, then what's the point? And how relevant or meaningful is that traffic?

Embracing the new form of SEO is ultimately the best way to build a prominent web presence and sustainable search engine rankings that yields meaningful results.

How to Convey the Marketing Value of SEO to Clients & Corporate Execs.

As a professional of SEO, you are fully aware of your work's value. But not all your clients or prospects will fully grasp the necessaries that make SEO successful. SEO

This can be attributed, in part, to the fact that it is challenging to prove return on investment (ROI) for the money spent on SEO by an individual or an organization. This does not mean that it is impossible.

Tracking ROI on SEO efforts is of great importance, and especially so for you as a professional in the field. This is because you will need this data to justify your value to the client. You will also need this data to justify the expenses incurred on SEO to their management.

SEO is less attractive to many businesses as compared to activities that more readily produce hard ROI statistics. Due to this fact, SEO is one of the first things to be dropped by a business in favor of other marketing activities with more "tangible benefits". This can however be combated through the following efforts.

Use Numbers To Defend Your Position

Making use of hard data is ideal when proving the worth of SEO to a business. You can use the following steps to streamline the process:

1. Measure the number of leads.
2. Measure the revenue.
3. Measure the revenue per lead.

The revenue per lead can be calculated by dividing the aggregate amount of revenue by the aggregate number of leads.

A Few Key Points On Leads

It is important to note that visits to a page do not necessarily translate to leads. They can, but do not always. Tracking visits to a page will provide a general idea of the overall activity, but of more importance is tracking the events or goals. They are more useful when mapping SEO back to revenue.

SEO strategyThe concept of events and goals in the context of Google Analytics can bewilder many company executives. Turn this to your advantage by educating your clients about them. Explain to them what they mean and why they are of significance to the business.

Explain clearly the meaning of events and goals as follows:

- Events: An event is a specific action that a visitor engages in while interacting with a website. It may involve clicking on a link, downloading assets or information. Each event is an indication of some sort of engagement by the visitor, identifying more qualified prospects from the overall number of visitors to the website. It is thus more beneficial to track events rather that just tracking page views.

- Goals: A goal is the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve. In relation to visits to a website, there are four crucial goals that a business should track. First, visits to specific URLs such as the confirmation page should be tracked. Second, the duration of time a visitor spends on a site. Thirdly, the total number of pages on a website viewed in the length of one visit. The fourth should be the number of events as mentioned earlier.

Tracking the events and goals will give you and your client greater insight into the customer and prospect behavior than tracking the number of visitors to the site could ever achieve. These metrics could also directly tie into the revenue stream data.

Set Up Yourself And Your Clients For Success

It is very important to set the stage from the beginning in order to accurately measure the ROI of your SEO efforts. Ensure that you and your clients expectations are aligned to avoid unpleasant (and sometimes unnecessary) experiences.

You are once again provided with an opportunity to showcase your talents by demonstrating your expertise and presenting it to your clients. Teaching your clients more will empower them and as a result make them more loyal to you.

There are three important points that you should establish with new clients.

1. Patience is crucial to SEO success

However great instant gratification might be, it is not what SEO is about. Clients may not want to hear this, but they have to be made to understand. SEO can be beneficial in the long run and will thus boost its value greatly.

Getting a website ranked via SEO may not reflect on revenues for some time. It is crucial that your clients understand this and exercise patience for a bit longer before the results start showing.

2. Measuring ROI measure SEO

In addition to revenue per lead, number of events and goals, other measurements should be used to track the success of a SEO strategy. Such measures include the removal of Google penalties. In addition, some metrics can not be directly tracked to revenue.

3. Setting up Analytics

If your clients have not set up their analytics to properly track conversions, the picture painted by the analytics may be incorrect. Coordinate with your clients to ensure that all analytics are capable of capturing and showing you what you need to know. These concepts need to be established at the beginning to ensure that the relationship with your client is healthy and profitable.

What SEO is About

SEO is not just about getting leads, it's about getting the right leads. It's also about accuracy in tracking this leads to help you make adjustments to activities as needed and help clients calculate the ROI for SEO.


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