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The Value of Local SEO for Your Peoria Marketing Strategy

According to Google, 97% of customers search online to find local businesses in their neighborhoods and communities. For local businesses in Peoria, this means growing your online presence is more important now, than ever before. Local Search Results

One way of doing this is by implementing a local SEO in your Peoria marketing strategy. Since anything and everything can be found online, competition (even in Peoria, IL) is tough, and will only continue to increase as time goes on. This is why a local SEO strategy is massive game changer for small to medium sized businesses.

As a local business in Peoria, your marketing budget might not be that great. But given the ambiguity and lack of analytics offered by traditional forms of marketing and advertising, SEO is no brainer. At as little as a few hundred dollars per month, you can increase your business's search engine rankings and start experiencing an influx of web traffic. In addition, you'll be able to track and assess how the SEO strategy is working, and thus calculate the true ROI of your expenditure.

Drive Local, In-market Traffic to Your Site

Local SEO drives relevant, in-market traffic to your website, which could easily turn into paying customers. Because search engine users who search local or geo-modified keywords (like "dry cleaners in Peoria,") they are often seeking an immediate solutions to their needs. Being on the top of page 1 in Google's search results will help to drive those leads to your local business.

Consumers use the Internet to find items such as appliances, services, restaurants and more, right in their local neighborhoods. For example, it would benefit a local custom cabinet-maker in Peoria to focus their marketing efforts on local SEO in Peoria, and optimize their website accordingly. If someone is searching online for custom cabinets in Peoria, search engines will provide the most relevant and authoritative websites. The local custom cabinet maker can make their presence known with the right approach to local SEO.

Integrating Local SEO in Your Marketing Plan

The local search feature will populate businesses meeting the specific search criteria. This allows the customer to choose from a number of businesses in their community, instead of selecting a business located several miles away. As you see, a local marketing strategy not only benefits businesses by ensuring they show up in local search results, it benefits the consumer by returning the most relevant search results first.

Aside from the obvious benefits of driving targeted traffic to your website with a local marketing strategy, another perk is mobile users can easily find your business while on the go and conveniently get your business phone number & directions. Also a local marketing strategy creates a customized search experience which improves the customer search experience.

By optimizing your website for your city and surrounding areas, you give your business an edge over local competitors, get more quality leads and create authority within your community.  When done correctly using the right resources, optimizing your business website for local SEO in Peoria brings added value to your business and should be part of any solid website optimization plan.

What Separates OIC Group from Other Peoria Web Design Companies

Many local businesses are beginning to realize the importance of having an online presence (beyond a Facebook or Google+ page.) Whether a new website serves as a simple point of contact, a sales funnel, or a marketing investment to capture new business, the opportunities in having a well-branded website offer a number of benefitsOIC Group Peoria Web Design Company

OIC Group is realizing his heightened demand for affordable, cost-effective website services first hand. As a commercially vast region with a growing economy, more businesses in the Peoria, Illinois area are seeking a web design company to best meet their website needs. As local business advocates and pioneers in the web design industry, OIC helps bolster this growing need with a wide range of website services.

Manage Your Website with Ease

SEO Friendly Web Design

One of the most common limitations in investing in a new website is the management of the site (e.g. updating content.) Many companies assume the need to hire a webmaster with a technical background, which can be quite expensive. A content management system (CMS) can be a cost-efficient alternative, enabling anyone with basic computer skills to manage content and make website edits with ease. 

What separates OIC Group from other Peoria web design providers is the company's flagship CMS Exponent CMS. Not only does Exponent CMS enable just about anyone to manage the website, but Exponent is also SEO-friendly in many ways.

Exponent is somewhat similar to other CMS's, such as WordPress or Drupal, however it uses a more intuitive and logical interface that makes content management extremely simple. Instead of managing a website from a back-end dashboard, users can edit copy, add media, and make tweaks to the content as it is seen on the actual page. In essence, Exponent merges a front-end editing interface with seamless CMS functionality and highly SEO-friendly features.

Ensure Your Website is Visible in Search

Many Peoria-based clients of OIC often take their website to the next level by ensuring it's visible in search. By pursuing services in search engine optimization (SEO) and/or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, businesses make the most of their website by getting in front of new customers who are actively seeking their products or services. Peora Web Design Search

The Internet marketing team at OIC Group has experience building SEO, PPC, and social media marketing campaigns on both a local and national scale. OIC's marketing team conducts thorough assessments and custom tailors various program options to choose from. In essence, OIC offers effective solutions and services program that can meet virtually any marketing budget.

Expand Your Definition of "Going Local"

When we think about "going local," we often think of buying produce from local farmers or doing our Christmas shopping at local retailers. Rarely do we consider the local impact of more B2B-related services, especially in the form of web design and web development.

Peoria web design company, OIC Group, Inc., is proponent of this local shift in business orientation. As more and more consumers become local advocates for the communities in which they live, the same trends are also impacting commercial relationships and vendor partnerships. The focus of OIC Group is simple: to provide locally-focused website services for Peoria-based companies, with affordable website packages for small businesses.

Interested in Learn More? Let's Connect.

The experts at OIC are happy to speak with you regarding any interests you might have in the company's products or services. Whether you are seeking a local web design company in Peoria or an SEO specialist to handle a national campaign, the team at OIC Group is well-versed to help spearhead your unique project.

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Tyler TafelskyAbout the Author
Tyler Tafelsky is the Internet marketing manager here at OIC Group, Inc. Tyler spearheads most of the SEO, PPC, and social media marketing campaigns here at OIC and works with clients on both a local and national level. You can follow Tyler on Twitter, at, or connect with him on Google+.


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