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Why Articles Are Still Righteous for SEO

For those who think articles are big waste of time for SEO, it's time to get real. An online article, just like any webpage, can have authority. Also like any good webpage, a good article is typically filled with valuable content.

As a result of that valuable content, people link to the article and it earns PageRank (or "PR" - the primary measure of webpage authority.) In the SEO profession, we call this "link bait." We all know that backlinks are sources of higher keyword rankings.

Authoritative, contextually relevant articles are a great addition to any website's backlink portfolio. What exactly do I mean by that? It's really quite simple.

Value & Relevancy are Key

To offer value in your content you have inform or educate your readers. In doing so, you must very specific in how you communicate your ideas. That is, focus on a narrow topic and reveal all goods that you can (or find appropriate.) Focusing on a very specific topic correlates to being very relevant.

Contextual relevancy is simply content that highlights a similar theme with that of what a business is offering. So if your business provides ecommerce software (and your SEO keyword targets center on 'ecommerce software,') then the most contextually relevant articles will be about ecommerce software. This concept is significant to ensure the backlinks in your articles offer the most value. To reiterate, the main idea is offer something of value about a narrow topic or niche.

When you produce superb content that offers a specific audience valuable takeaways, your articles can offer many advantages beyond SEO. This is why the articles you see ranking highly in the search results are about "tips" and "strategies." In a sense, the more you give, the more you gain.

Organize Your Ideas

Before you get to writing, take some time to organize your ideas. If you're a lawyer, you probably already plan to produce articles about your legal practice and areas of specialty. Think about your approach from the reader's point of view.

If you specialize in criminal defense law, what types of articles are going to hit home with your audience? Perhaps map out a few potential articles about 'how to fight a DUI' or 'steps to take when faced with drug charges.'

What kind of information is your target market (or a potential client) seeking? Being an educator will not only up the value of your articles (authority,) but will position you or your brand as knowledgeable, trustworthy resource. Instilling such advocacy can result in quality leads (especially if you articles rank in the search results.)

Write On!

So who's to say solid articles are no good for SEO?

Like blogging and other forms of content marketing, awesome articles can:

  • gain authority, which passes along to any backlinks in your articles.
  • rank in the search engine results, maximizing your marketing exposure.
  • inbound traffic to your website and position your business are reputable and trustworthy.

And lastly, (with respect to changes in Google's search that target overly-optimized websites) article backlinks can help to make your off-page SEO efforts appear more natural. Having a diverse backlink portfolio is key in today's SEO best practices, and articles are great contribution to achieve just that.


This article written by Tyler Tafelsky, one of SEO Specialists here at OIC Group, Inc. Visit Tyler on Google+

The Dueling Roles of Article Marketing

Exposing articles to the right audience is a highly effective marketing tool. Articles can enlighten, inform, educate, or all of the above. They can also generate popularity in a website for search engine optimization.

In essence, your article marketing strategy can have dueling roles:

  1. market content to a specific audience, capture their interests, and compel the audience to learn more about what you can do for them.
  2. build quality links to your website for organic search engine optimization. In this post, we will depict the two primary purposes of article marketing and how you can go about fulfilling the dueling roles that this practice has to offer.

Content Marketing for Credibility and Conversions

Readers who appreciate a good article will often acknowledge the source and respect the author's authority on the content's subject matter. This can attribute the author as a respectable source for information, consultation, and/or services. Articles enable you to increase awareness of your brand by publishing content to sources where like-minded individuals will find your content, read it, and take action (ideally funneling them to your website or a squeeze page.) In essence, content marketing is the primary channel of inbound marketing.

By writing and submitting articles, blog posts, and videos on relevant sites where your consumers are browsing, you will capture real people and ultimately drive a portion of those people to your website who are looking for more information.

Building links for SEO

The second role of article marketing (or virtually any form of content marketing) is to build links for search engine optimization. Placing links within the body copy of your articles will generate "link popularity" for the webpages you want to get ranked in the search engines.

Over time, your site will find its way onto the search engine results when people are looking for phrases that apply to your business. This may mean that some articles won’t actually be read by that many people, however by publishing these articles in the correct places, the search engines will see them, follow the links within the article’s content to your website, and apply some “link juice” to your site, thereby increasing your ranking on the keyword.

For example, let’s say you publish an article on the "benefits of juice fasting." Within that article, you link a couple phrases such as ‘juice fasting tips’ and ‘juice fasting recipes’ to your website. The search engines first recognize that the article as being about ‘juice fasting.’ They will then see the links in that article pointing to your website and will add ‘points’ to your site for those keywords. So when someone searches the ‘benefits of juice fasting’ or something similar, your site will start showing up in the results. The more articles and content you publish, the more links you can build, and the higher your site will rank on relevant keywords.

The more popular the keywords, the harder it is to rank, but the more traffic you’ll realize in return. A tip to keep in mind is to ensure that article relates to the links in which you build. Like the latter example, the article was about 'juice fasting' and the links were about 'juice fasting,' so contextual relevancy of content to links is spot on. Although these are two different strategies for article marketing, they can be used in unison to achieve optimal success.


This article written by Tyler Tafelsky, one of our Internet marketing specialists here at OIC Group, Inc.

Visit Tyler on Google+


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