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SEO Consulting Services

Do you know a thing or two about SEO?

Are doing SEO but need professional guidance?

At OIC Group, we provide action-oriented, results-driven SEO consulting services for all types of businesses and professionals. Whether you're doing SEO for a nationally-recognized brand or a small business, we deliver custom-tailored SEO consulting programs for both local and enterprise-level clients.

All of our SEO consulting programs are centered on value. So whether your budget is $100 or $10,000, we can work with your investment to provide revealing information, actionable insights, and best practice guidance so you can start actualizing your site's true SEO potential.

Do you have specific SEO needs or concerns?

Just let us know. Our consulting programs span from SEO 101 coaching calls to Google-penalty recovery programs. We've helped countless clients advance their SEO skills and get their website rankings to the top.

Get started now and contact us for a free initial consultation.

Or learn more below about what makes our custom SEO consulting programs so powerful.

What We Can Offer

We focus on our SEO consulting programs on offering a wealth of value, opening-up a world of insights to a variety of SEO strategies.

We can provide actionable direction and detailed instruction on:

  • Basic SEO 101: How pages rank atop Google
  • Keyword Research: Pinpointing profitable keywords that drive highly-qualified leads
  • On-Page Optimization: Content writing and keyword optimization, internal linking, and all things on-page/on-site SEO
  • Link Generation Strategy: Leveraging white-hat link generation techniques and relevant, authoritative resources to grow your rankings
  • Social Media Marketing: Blending the ever-powerful social element into your SEO strategy and boosting your brands credibility and SEO potential
  • Content Marketing & Blogging: Educating and enlightening your audience, all while defining your brand as authority figure in its niche

Our Experience

Born in 2002, OIC Group has been on the forefront of SEO best practices. Today, the company leads SEO programs for ecommerce stores, enterprise-level companies, local businesses as well as multi-location service providers.

Staffed by a well-versed team of technical specialist, SEO strategists, content writers and creatives, the experience behind OIC Group's SEO consulting team is uniquely designed to deliver exceptional quality solutions.

Our Software

Unlike some SEO consultants, we don't automate any SEO processes using software. Rather, we leverage power software and tools that are designed specifically for:

  • Technical site auditing to pinpoint weaknesses and opportunities for on-page optimization
  • Scanning the backlinks of a domain to assess off-site authority as well as troubleshoot over-optimization and Google penalties
  • SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) software for seamless site management that a kid could handle
  • Rank reporting to track and monitor keyword performance in Google, Yahoo, and Bing

The latter SEO software is used purely as supplement to gain valuable insights for consulting and strategy development. We never automate or outsource any aspects of our SEO services.

Our Services (Beyond SEO Consulting)

Many clients leverage our services to help support their SEO efforts. Some of which include:

  • Technical SEO site auditing
  • Content strategy, for SEO-friendly page copy and SEO-infused content marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Ethical, Google-friendly link generation
  • Social media marketing and consulting
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising (often used to test keyword conversion potential for SEO)
  • SEO-friendly web design and development

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. In essence, we offer full-service solutions for vast range of needs.

Many SEO-savvy marketers and business owners are kin to embracing search engine optimization on their own. However, many of these professionals can benefit from professional SEO consulting programs.


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