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Exponent Content Management System - Open Source CMS - Search Engine Friendly CMS


Search Engine Friendly CMS Features

A majority of online users consult the major search engines - Google, Yahoo!, MSN - to navigate them to websites to find the products and services they desire.

Search Engine Friendly CMS
Exponent CMS - An Open Source, Search Engine Friendly Content Management System

How does your website rank among industry competitors with the major search engines?

Exponent CMS features a robust set of Search Engine Friendly tools to help you get your business to the top of the search engines. Exponent is a 100% search engine friendly cms, complete with:

  • Search Engine Friendly page URLs
  • Meta Keyword fields
  • Meta Description fields

You can make your products and services stand out with the search engines using Exponent CMS and our web design company's search engine optimization service.

Take the steps to increase your website's search engine rank today with:

Search Engine Friendly Page URLs

Search Engine Friendly URLs
Exponent Search Engine Friendly Content Management System with Search Engine Friendly Page URLs

Exponent is capable of producing search engine friendly links for your pages with our add-on module. Most CMS systems, including Exponent, utilize general query strings to produce dynamic pages. An example of a default Exponent search engine friendly URL:

Using search engine friendly page links, you could represent that same URL as such:

These types of links are easier for users to recognize and share, and search engines will index pages with greater relevance if there is no query string, but rather additional keywords in the link.


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