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Health Supplement Ecommerce Web Design | Probody Solutions

Tags: e-commerce , retail

The web design experts at OIC Group were presented with the challenge of developing a health supplement website that catered to multiple audiences. The client, ProBody Solutions, needed a web presence that would support online shoppers, member athletes, and product retailers. Creating a cohesive navigation with a clean and clear user experience was key, and the Peoria website design team at OIC Group achieved that objective by building a stunning website that met the needs of ProBody Solutions. OIC implemented an SEO-friendly online shopping cart for purchases to be made on the website. In addition, the design team captured the allure of the products with heavy imagery and compelling content (without sacrificing usability.) The ecommerce end of the web design is evident to users, and is exceptionally presented by offering pages dedicated to the ProBody team of athletes and other brand elements that intrigue the interests of users.

More About ProBody Solutions

ProBody Solutions ProBody Solutions has formulated an incredible line of sports supplements for both season competitors and everyday individuals looking to improve their lives. Starting with its flagship protein supplement (LEAN), ProBody has evolved its product line of proteins and supplements to create the safest and most effective products on the market. In fact, all of ProBody's products are developed and manufactured under the strictest quality control standards known as current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), which is FDA regulated. Now, ProBody Solutions offers products specifically designed for not only muscle building, but also fat loss, pre-workout fuel, post-workout recovery, contest preparation, and more.

Year Launched: 2010


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Section 508 Compliance Web Design | Magnified Vision

In need of clean and clear website that resembled the brand qualities of the company, Magnified Vision came OIC Group with simple and straightforward website needs. One of the primary needs of the client was to showcase the visibility options for users of the site. OIC Group implemented visibility tools for section 508 compliance, which enables users to increase and decrease the text size of the content, as well as the color contrast. In addition, OIC's web designers implemented a slide show on the homepage to showcase the products and services of Magnified Vision. The content structure was also organized to take into consideration the various product and service applications of the client, as well as other elements such as latest news and dedicated section for new technology. Like most clients of Peoria web design company OIC Group, the content of the site is easily manageable by client with seamless CMS capabilities.

More About Magnified Vision

Magnified Vision With continuous growth and a reputation for excellent service and customer care, Optron Assistive Technologies incorporated as “Magnified Vision, Inc." in 2007. Currently, Magnified Vision, Inc. offers and supports one of the largest selections of video magnifiers in Illinois. Owner and president of Magnified Vision, Andreas Heim, offers a M.A. in Special Education with a focus on Low Vision and Blindness and is a certified Orientation & Mobility Instructor. Together with Magnified Vision, Inc., Heim provides optimal solutions for assisted vision technology for a number of unique needs and applications.

Year Launched: 2011


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Cosmetology Ecommerce Web Design | Cosmo Finger Guard

Cosmo Finger Guard came to OIC Group with many unique needs and one unique product. Cosmo Finger Guard needed fully-functional shopping cart capbilities for online purchases. Additionally, the client invested in the expertise of the OIC's Peoria SEO professionals to research and optimize the website for keywords that would drive quality, in-market traffic. The SEO's of OIC pinpointed "salon safety glove" to be the primary keyword target for the website. Within a matter of weeks was ranking #1 and #2 for the the primary keyword target, as well as holding the #3 spot with a branded Squidoo "lens."

More About Cosmo Finger Guard

Cosmo Finger Guard As the first cut resistant cosmetology safety glove on the market, the Cosmo Finger Guard is an innovative product that allows cosmetologists and hair salon specialists to perform safely while reducing the risk of getting cut. The Cosmo Finger Guard is uniquely designed to minimize the chances of slashing your index or middle finger, as well as the base of your fingers. The glove is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and washable. And more importantly, the Cosmo Finger Guard allows for easy, natural finger movement, so it is never a disruption for hair styling professionals and cosmetologists alike.

Year Launched: 2011


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Military Surplus Ecommerce Web Design | Military Uniform Supply

Military Uniform Supply, Inc. sought the ecommerce web development expertise of OIC Group to handle their large and ever-expanding ecommerce store. Planning and developing the ecommerce site was unique challenge for OIC Group. The client needed a solution to easily add new products to specific areas of the site. OIC Group implemented its SEO-friendly ecommerce CMS platform Exponent so staff members of Military Uniform Supply could manage all inventory of the site in-house. In addition to providing ecommerce web design and development services for the client, the Internet marketing specialists of the company build a comprehensive campaign that included both organic search engine optimization and Pay Per Click advertising. ranks well a number of highly competitive two-word phrases, as well as hundreds of product-specific long-tails. The campaign is an ongoing SEO project for the team at OIC Group as they continue to help Military Uniform Supply realize profitable sales margins every day.

More About Military Uniform Supply, Inc.

Military Uniform Supply specializes in military issue uniforms, clothing, boots and footwear, combat gear, and kids military items. The online retailer is committed to providing both members of the military and common civilians the best prices for the products it has to offer. For over 17 years, has been a trusted retailer for a number of different military uniforms, including the high demand Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and MultiCam Uniform. also offers a wide range of other military uniforms and accessories, including headgear, name tapes, patches, insignia, and more. With new products being added almost every day, is one of the most comprehensive military uniform suppliers on the market.

Year Launched: 2010


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Ecommerce Retail Web Design | Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips

Kitchen Cooked Inc. came to OIC Group seeking a simple and clean ecommerce web design that could function as both a branding and marketing tool as well as an online shopping store for customers. The Peoria, IL web design experts of OIC were able to create a website design that closely resembled the brand image of Kitchen Cooked. In addition, the developers of OIC built-in an online shopping cart that offered a seamless check-out process in minimal steps. The end result was exact what the client was looking for - an easy to navigation site that enabled customers to make purchases with ease.

More About Kitchen Cooked

Kitchen Cooked Inc. is a food processing operation based out of central Illinois that offers the simple goodness of fresh, greaseless potato chips and snacks. Kitchen Cooked has a reputation for using the same old-fashioned recipes implemented in the 1930’s. By purchasing its potatoes from the nearby community of Bath, Illinois, Kitchen Cooked is an advocate and prime example of local farming sustainability. The locally grown potatoes are delivered direct to the factories of Kitchen Cooked where they are washed, peeled, sliced and cooked in small batches. These quality snacks are then packaged and sent out on the store shelves for Central Illinoisans to enjoy.

Year Launched: 2010


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Ceramic Tile Company Web Design | Leeway Ceramic Tile

Our Peoria website design company designed a new website for East Peoria, Illinois, based Leeway Ceramic Tile. Leeway Ceramic Tile offers an elegant product line of both international and domestic tiles. The company specializes in a variety of tile services, ranging from initial planning and design to professional installation. Leeway Ceramic Tile offers a wide array of rare Spanish and Italian tiles, as well as exceptional ceramic tiles made here in the U.S. As Peoria tile company with reputation for quality, Leeway Ceramic Tile offers a great selection of products and personalized customer service to meet your needs. The tile company also caters to the various other areas throughout central Illinois, including Bloomington, Morton, Peoria, and Peru.

Year Launched: 2011


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Furniture Store Web Design | Darrons of Arlington

Tags: slide show , seo , retail

Darrons of Arlington is Columbus and central Ohio's premier contemporary furniture store. With the search engine optimization friendliness of the Exponent Content Management System and its friendly page URLs, Darrons has soared to the first page of Google on most relevant searches. To enhance its web marketing strategy, Darrons utilizes Colossal Response - OIC's email marketing software service.

Year Launched: 2008


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Bar & Restaurant Website Design | Richard's on Main

Tags: retail , restaurant

Peoria, Illinois' version of "Cheers", Richard's on Main is a downtown bar and restaurant located underneath the historic Apollo Theater. Richard on Main called our website design company about Exponent CMS. Using our open source content management system's easy in-line content editing, Richard's website features its daily specials, a complete online menu and information on booking private parties at the restaurant.

Year Launched: 2008


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Ironing Center Retail Web Design | Iron-a-way Ironing Centers

Iron-a-way is the world leader in Built-In Ironing Centers. The Morton, Illinois based company uses the search engine friendly Exponent Content Management System to promote its e-commerce website full of product information and file downloads. The mobile friendly website also features an interactive video questionnaire to aid its site visitors in selecting the right ironing center to fit their needs.

Year Launched: 2009


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Gourmet Food Market Website Design | Fox & Obel

Fox & Obel is Chicago's premier gourmet food market. In addition to frequent regular website content management with our in-line editing tool, Fox & Obel utilizes the Exponent CMS open source e-commerce shopping cart to market and sell a variety of gourmet food items, as well as Exponent's online event registration features to manage registrants for classes and events that the market holds on a regular basis.

Year Launched: 2009


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Simple Website Content Management Solutions

No longer do you have to play web design games with your website developer. With our content management system (CMS) solutions, you can manage your website yourself. Our optimized CMS is both SEO-friendly and easy-to-use, allowing you to operate your site with full control.

Keep the content of your website accurate and up-to-date with ease - change text, add pictures, upload files and documents, build custom web forms, create calendars, post news and videos, and more - all with easy, point-and-click tools.

As full service company for web design in Peoria IL, our local clients appreciate the ease and convenience of taking control of their website's content. Unlike other Peoria web design companies that bill you every time you need updates made to your website, at OIC Group, we don't tack on extra fees for basic support services. We are always here when you need us, and we are happy to help you make your website they way you want it.

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Easy, Unlimited Online Event Registration!

Wouldn't it be nice to manage the registration of your events all in on one website?  Now you can - on YOUR OWN WEBSITE!

With our event registration component, you can manage your list and communicate with your attendees all from within YOUR website.  No more using a third party system with separate logins and expensive fees.  Get away from paying per-event or per-attendee fees.  Instead, offer and manage unlimited event signups with secure payments directly from your OWN WEBSITE with our powerful tools.

As part of our comprehensive website services, our Peoria web design company can integrate event registration capabilities into the CMS of your website. This will enable your team to seamlessly manage events with ease. When you need support, our friendly team of Peoria website experts is happy help you make any executions to achieve your goals. We strive to make event registration an integral component of your website, and we can tailor a solution to best meet your needs.

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Highly Efficient Email Marketing Solutions

If you're not using email marketing for your business's website, then you may be missing out on an efficient way to retain clients and maintain revenue streams.

Plain and simple - website email marketing works, and it works well. And to top it off, email marketing is typically inexpensive and provides amazing ROI. Our powerful email marketing packages offer you the tools you need and at a price that you can afford. From self-service plans starting at $24.95, to fully managed email marketing services for clients with greater needs, our Peoria web design company can help make your email marketing campaigns a success!

We often combine email marketing with other website and Internet marketing strategies, such as Pay Per Click advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization and SEO-friendly web design. Whether you operate a local Peoria, Illinois company or national brand, we create individually tailored email marketing campaigns to meet the unique objects of your website.

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Summon Your Search Engine Marketing Success

A website only has purpose when it has visitors. And if your target audience fails to find your website in the search engines or other places on the Web, then they are probably visiting on the websites of your competition.

The underlying goal of search engine marketing is to get your website visible on the Web. Whether by optimizing your website to be on the first page of the search results or using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to attract quality web traffic, the opportunities in search engine marketing offer a wealth of benefits. Having a SEO-friendly website is more important than ever.

Our Peoria web design and SEO team calls this "website findability". Compared to traditional forms of website marketing and advertising, the ROI of search engine marketing is unbeatable. From PPC to SEO to social media, we can help you choose the website marketing channels that will be in your company's best interests.

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Custom Ecommerce Web Design & Development

Selling online can be an intimidating undertaking, but when you work with our Peoria website design and development team, we can ensure that your investment will offer a sound solution to capture more business. We have significant experience in ecommerce web design and custom website development. OIC can implement simple online shopping carts for pre-existing websites and develop complex ecommerce stores to meet your needs.

There are many details to take into account when designing and developing an ecommerce website. At OIC Group, we are pioneers in creating cutting-edge ecommerce solutions, whether for small businesses or complex e-retailers. In addition to offering services in ecommerce web design and development, we provide our clients with our Exponent CMS - an easy to use content management system for ecommerce websites and search engine optimization.

Trust our web design experts in Peoria, IL with over a decade of experience in the industry. We channel our positive ecommerce energy through our custom website design and development capabilities, and in-house ecommerce shopping cart and e-store management software.

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Supported Web & Email Hosting, Without the SPAM

SPAM Free Email Hosting ServiceSPAM pollutes our inboxes every day, and eliminating it is not always easy. Our email hosting services may be the optimum solution to ward-off SPAM and keep your lines of communication free and clear of interruptions.

In addition to email hosting, we also offer a number of web hosting services for Peoria Illinois companies and abroad. At OIC, we specialize in business web hosting with personalized support and the highest level of security. We have back-up web hosting servers in areas outside of Peoria IL, ensuring that your site stays operational during any conditions.

As trusted company for web design in Peoria IL, website hosting and email hosting are integral aspects to our services. In addition to including these services with website design and development packages, we also provide email and web hosting as an exclusive solution for already existing websites. Whatever your capacity, we offer cost-efficiency solutions to best meet your needs.

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Search Engine Optimization & SEO-Friendly Web Design

In addition to web design, organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the core ingredient to a healthy, well-performing website. As one of the most powerful components to search engine marketing, our local Peoria SEO services can help your site attain top search engine rankings on both local and global keyword phrases.

The search engine visibility of your website must not be overlooked. We tailor organic SEO Peoria IL packages based on your website’s marketing objectives and budget restraints. We offer capabilities in all aspects of search engine optimization, including SEO copywriting, website link building, and content marketing. Our web developers in Peoria also specialize in SEO-friendly web design and development capabilities.

In fact, most of the websites we build are designed with SEO in mind. This ensures that search engine spiders can efficiently crawl, index, and rank your web pages at the top of the search results. As a local leader in Peoria web design, SEO is just one of the many services we offer to enhance the web presence of your website.

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Immediate Website Visibility via PPC Advertising

The quickest way to get your website to the top of the search engine results is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Promoting your company's website via PPC advertising can be a cost-effective web marketing solution. Especially for Peoria companies with a local market focus, PPC offers incredible profit potential.

At Peoria web design company OIC Group, our Pay Per Click specialists offer basic consultations as well as ongoing campaign management services. Whatever your interests are in paid search advertising, our team can help you realize success using best practices techniques and PPC software tools. We can show you the in's and out's of using and learning Google Ads, or take your account over and lead you to the money. We also offer experience in PPC advertising for ecommerce sites.

The complexity of these websites can often make Pay Per Click campaign management a full-time job. We employ expert PPC specialists who know all the details of PPC. Learn more about how our Pay Per Click advertising services can help achieve your website marketing objectives.

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