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Walz Dimensional Weighing & Cubing Systems Line Sees New Web Presence

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Walz New Dimensioning SystemsWith the help of OIC, Walz Scale further expands its web presence with its new line of dimensional weighing equipment. Featuring some of the industries most advanced dimensioning systems, spanning from in-motion cubing systems to package dimensional scanners, Walz has unveiled a new website to better market its new products geared toward shipping centers and logistics operations.

dimensional weighing cubing systems for pacakges

The new website featuring Walz line of dimensional weighing and cubing systems is Using a simple web design that highlights the primary four product categories of dimensioning systems, the new optimized web presence makes it easy for prospective customers to learn more about what each product model has to offer. 

Because the website is image intensive, a significant amount of effort was invested in image optimization and ensuring these rich media files were optimized for faster load speed as well as keywords for search marketing. Having just been weeks since has gone live, many of the images are appearing in Google's image results in the universal search engine results pages.

The website is also well-branded to focus specifically on its target market of shipping centers, logistics companies, and warehouse operations alike. Each page is carefully designed and optimized to reflect the specific product categories of dimensional weighing and cubing systems, which include:

  • Dimensional Weighing Equipment - this area centers on the company's Static Package Scanner, or "SPS" technology. These are simple and affordable static dimensional scanning and weighing systems by Walz.
  • dynamic cubing systems and dimensioningIn-motion Cubing Systems & Dimensioning - as one of the centerpieces behind the business, the In-motion package scanner, or "IMPS," is dynamic in-motion cubing system for conveyors and other volume operations that demand accurate and seamless dimensioning.
  • LTL Dimensioning Systems - otherwise known as pallet and large freight systems, these heavy-duty dimensioning systems provide the ultimate solution for heavy cargo and large shipments.
  • Volumetric Load Scanner - parallel to one of Walz Scale's other product lines (featured at its truck load scanner website,) this dimensioning technology is designed specifically to scan and measure loads of heavy-duty trucks and vehicles.

Lastly, all of these products are software integrated, providing users with turn-key installation and easy-to-use operation. Each cubing and dimensioning system from Walz Scale is dimensional weight compliant with UPS, FedEX, DHL, USPS, and most other shipping carriers. Keep on the look out for these advanced systems to become a new market leader in the industry.


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