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OIC Builds Internet Marketing Campaign for Pekin-Based IT Consulting & Support Company

Jun 12, 2013

Pekin, Illinois-based IT consulting and support company Facet Technologies, Inc. has teamed-up with the experts of OIC Group to develop a cohesive, locally-focused Internet marketing campaign.

Peoria IL IT Support Facet Tech

In addition to a website re-design for Facet Technologies, Inc., OIC group has recently unveiled a local search marketing campaign that includes both Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). The campaign is already making great strides as Facet Tech is showing-up with multiple page one listings on locally-competitive keyword searches.

So far, OIC's strategy is beginning to spawn as Facet Tech's local search exposure is growing to the top of Google's results.

Peoria IT Consulting Facet Tech

Beyond simply driving traffic to the website, the web marketing specialists of OIC are also focusing on testing various elements for conversion rate optimization (CRO). OIC is strong advocate of ensuring its clients are getting phone calls and online contact submissions, in addition to generating more traffic.

"Because Facet Technologies has five different locations in the central Illinois region, we are faced with a unique local SEO challenge." claimed Tyler Tafelsky, OIC's Internet marketing and SEO manager.

OIC has made it clear of Facet's five locations on the website, and as properly optimized the company's web presence for each location.

Both OIC and Facet Tech are members of the Prairie Technology Alliance, a group of organizations that focus on serving the central Illinois region with advanced technology and web-based solutions for all types of needs. From business IT support and consulting solutions to website hosting and design services, Prairie Tech is a well-versed alliance that's proud to serve business throughout the area.

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OIC Unveils New Blog: (the "Play in Peoria" Blog)

Jun 11, 2013

Beyond the source for local website services, OIC Group is also community advocate for the area of Peoria, Illinois. In effort to increase awareness of the area's entertainment and activities scene, the team at OIC recently unveiled a new blog: ItPlaysInPeoria.comPlay in Peoria Illinois

Intended to help both locals and visitors enjoy the city of Peoria and surrounding areas, (or the "Play in Peoria" blog) will provide a wealth of ideas and creative insights to experience the area to its fullest. Spanning from central Illinois attractions and events to some of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in Peoria, the Play in Peoria blog will offer a wide range of interesting content.

The content marketing team of OIC plans to publish regular articles of interest. The team is also open to any feedback as well as content contributors.

If you'd like to share your ideas on the Play in Peoria blog, inquire to us by sending an email to marketing(at)

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OIC Unveils Local Search Marketing Program for Five Senses Spa & Salon in Peoria, Illinois

Jun 7, 2013

Five Senses Spa & Salon, one of Peoria's most recognized hair salons, has embarked on a local search marketing campaign with the Internet marketing team of OIC Group.

Five Senses Spa & Salon, which was ranked amongst the top 200 salons in the nation, plans to bolster its brand reputation with greater online search visibility. Five Senses Hair Salon Peoria IL

The Program

In addition to a complete re-design of the website (and integration on the Exponent CMS platform,) the experts at OIC are providing a complete spectrum of search marketing services for Five Senses.

The complete program includes: local search engine optimization (SEO,) pay per click (PPC) advertising, Google+ local optimization, and social media marketing.

Adapting to the Evolving Local Search Landscape

The evolution of Google’s search results has made local search marketing a comprehensive endeavor. A successful local SEO campaign must address the social element of Google+ (which can have a direct impact on the local search listings. ) 

Google Search

Beyond SEO and PPC advertising, OIC is also undertaking social media marketing initiatives for Five Senses Spa & Salon. Specialists of OIC are working together with the Five Senses staff to develop a number of Facebook advertising strategies.

These strategies include a combination of campaigns focusing on gaining more Likes, investing in promoted posts (to advertise monthly specials,) and locally-targeted side column ads to showcase services and holidays.

OIC looks forward to a promising long-term relationship with Five Senses Spa & Salon in Peoria, Illinois.

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Walz Scale Jumps Onboard With a Global SEO Campaign

Jun 6, 2013

Starting as a web design and development client for OIC Group, Peoria-based company Walz Scale has climbed onboard with a global SEO campaign with Walz Scale Mining Truck Onboard ScalesOIC's web marketing team. 

Unlike most SEO campaign taken-on by OIC's web marketing team that focus on local and national markets, Walz Scale is targeting a global search market. By optimizing the website for Walz' unique line-up of industrial weighing equipment, software and service solutions, OIC plans to go abroad with its SEO efforts by taking-on major competitors in India, Europe, and South America.

"We're confident we can deliver top results for Walz Scale. The website offers an intuitive navigation and user experience, the domain has respectable authority, and the site is build using our Exponent CMS, which is highly SEO-friendly. We look forward to seeing some great rankings right out of the gate." claims OIC's SEO and Internet marketing manager, Tyler Tafelsky.

"However I was a bit surprised to see that the competition is a bit more fierce than I initially expected." Tafelsky adds.

Walz Scale provides a wide range of weigh scale products and services used for industrial, agriculture, mining, transportation, and recycling applications. In fact, the core business is segmented into three major categories for each application, including:

Walz Scale, which surrounds industrial weighing technologies like portable truck scales and axle scales.

Walz OnBoard/Pfreundt-na, which centers on mobile onboard scales and weighing equipment, onsite solutions and calibration services.

Walz Mining, which focuses on mining scales, onsite weighing services, wheel loader scales, and various specialty services for mining operations.

OIC's SEO team has just commenced the search marketing program and is excited to see the results. Keep an eye out for Peoria-based Walz Scale to start seeing global search visibility in Google and other search engines within the very near future.

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The Peoria Area Convention Center & Visitors Bureau Expands Teams-Up With OIC Group

Jun 4, 2013

Just recently, the Peoria Area Convention Center & Visitors Bureau (PACVB) has teamed-up with the experts of OIC Group to advance its web presence to the next level. The PACVB and OIC have developed a cohesive strategy that centers on social media marketing, search engine optimization, and a website re-design that includes a mobile-friendly website.

The PACVB, which is a reputable source for Peoria area tourism, entertainment, sporting events, business resources, and other local interests, has set out to build greater online brand awareness of the core services of the bureau, all while generating more traffic to the website.

With the creation of a mobile-friendly website, the PACVB will better cater to both local and tourist web traffic. This will be of immense benefit as we get closer to the warm summer weather in Peoria which draws an influx of visitors as well as activities throughout the central Illinois area.

The Peoria Area Convention Center & Visitors Bureau, along with the help of OIC Group's integrated web teams, has already commenced its holistic strategy of driving more website traffic while providing the optimal user experience through all devices. Expect to see significant progression in this project over the next few months.

To learn more, visit the official website of the Peoria Area Convention Center & Visitors Bureau

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OIC Group launches new Website for Leeway Tile

Oct 4, 2011

OIC Group has just released a new website for LeeWay Ceramic Tile, a professional tile company in Peoria, IL. offers a tasteful combination of simple and yet elegant web design elements. Perfectly highlighting the products and services of LeeWay, the website is attractive and offers very easy to navigate.

About The Company

Serving the needs of Central Illinois residents for over three decades, LeeWay Ceramic Tile is a family-owned and operated tile dealer and distributor. The company's mission is to provide exceptional quality ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and decorative glass tile. In addition to offering professional installation services at affordable prices, LeeWay Ceramic Tile provides trusted experience and expertise in the tile industry. Catering to contractors and homeowners for residential and commercial necessities, LeeWay offers a wide range of tile selections from basic, solid colors to rare, imported styles. In its role as a distributor, LeeWay accepts specialty orders, ensuring that you can always find the perfect tile design that suits your tastes and budget. As highly experienced Peoria tile company, LeeWay knows that your home or office is an investment you've worked hard for. And having been in the tile business for quite some time, the staff at LeeWay are experts in ensuring that your investment lasts. Aside from providing the perfect tile designs, they also offer maintenance services to sustain the longevity in your tile. Among these are tile cleaning services, tile sealants, repairs, and the proper installation materials that will ensure that you enjoy your investment for decades.

About The Website

As for the website itself, all information and features of LeeWay Ceramic Tile are presented in a very simplistic manner. was designed with user in mind. One of the primary goals of the website was to showcase the company without complex navigation or unnecessary clutter. OIC’s web designers strived to bring visitors of the website an online version of LeeWay’s showroom. With a alluring portfolio that captures the quality of LeeWay, users can get a taste of what the company has to offer. Visit to check out this Online Innovative Creation. For any questions or comments, you can contact OIC Group at 309.680.54600 or through facsimile at 888.898.8512. Or visit the contact us page.

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OIC Group Unveils Ecommerce SEO Company ClickCentric SEO

Oct 4, 2011

OIC Group, Inc., is proud to unveil a new member of our family of website service providers. Our newest subsidiary company is ClickCentric SEO a sector of OIC that focuses specifically on the specialties of ecommerce marketing, search engine optimization, website design, development, and more.

Along with website optimization company the Web Presence Group, OIC Group's addition of ClickCentric SEO now makes for a trifecta of web expertise.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping and selling, even for small to medium sized businesses, the demand for ecommerce services is skyrocketing. OIC's response is to this is dedicated a group of specialists to provide ecommerce optimization, design, development, and all other website services that center on e-retail.

More Than Just Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

ClickCentric SEO was recently taken live to the Web last week. The site offers a wealth of information from ecommerce reviews for content management systems to articles about all things ecommerce. In addition to providing services in ecommerce SEO and Internet marketing, ClickCentric SEO also offers strategy development consulting and conversion optimization expertise.

The group is highly flexible in its skill-sets as well as the service packages in which it provides. Some of the areas that ClickCentric SEO emphasize are: Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ecommerce Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Ecommerce Email Marketing Ecommerce Website Design Ecommerce Web Development Ecommerce Strategy & Consulting.

With primary focus in ecommerce SEO, social media marketing, and other select Internet marketing services, the well-versed ecommerce SEO company delivers an abundance of expertise in ecommerce web marketing. From designing websites from the ground-up, to optimizing existing online stores, ClickCentric SEO offers powerful ecommerce services for all types of needs.

Conversion Optimization

What's often times more important that getting web traffic from SEO or PPC is converting it. That is, after a visitor lands on a webpage, the site must function in such a way that compels the visitor to take action (whether that be subscribing to an email list, participating in a survey, or buying a product.)

Similar to expertise of website optimization company Web Presence Group, ClickCentric SEO centers its efforts on post-click activity that takes place on the site. The company specializes specifically in on-site optimization and ecommerce usability. This helps to promote greater conversion potential for ecommerce sites and more sales as a result.

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OIC Group Unveils New Website For Cosmetology Safety Glove:

Aug 24, 2011

OIC Group is proud to present a new website they have just unveiled. The website is, and the central product of the site is a cut resistant glove for salon safety, also known as a cosmetology safety glove. Specifically designed for salon workers, this special glove will ensure better protection against scissor blades and other cosmetic devices.

About the Product

Salon stylists, cosmetologists, and barbers alike all rely on their hands to perform. And because these professionals are in constant use of sharp blades and utensils, they are exposed to high risk of injuries – certain injuries that could negatively impact their work. With the cosmetology safety glove from Cosmo Finger Guard, salon stylists and barbers can avoid these injuries and sustain a more safe practice.

About the Site

The team at OIC Group did an exceptional job at creating a website that successfully highlights the core features and benefits of the product as well as the company. In addition, the website is easy to navigate and offers a simple online shopping cart so visitors can purchase the glove directly from site. meets its core objectives of enlightening users what the glove is, what it does, and how to go about getting one. The site showcases a video that features a demonstration of how the product is used. The upper navigation of the website makes it easy for visitors to find all the information they need to know about the business and the product. also offers educational-based webpages about cosmetology safety as well as a FAQ section to enlighten curious users.

Speedy Search Results

In addition to creating a simple yet success-prone site, the SEO and Internet marketing team at OIC Group has witnessed some amazing results in organic search. Just days after taking the website live, hit a number 3 ranking position for the keyword "cosmetology gloves.” OIC’s SEO team has also reported organic search traffic from many long-tail keyphrases, such as “protective glove for hair cutting,” “finger guard for cutting,” and “hairdresser finger guard,” to name a few. OIC Group continues to optimize and increase popularity to the site using a number of content marketing and link building resouces. Visit to view this Online Innovative Creation. For any questions or comments, you can contact OIC Group at 309.680.54600 or through facsimile at 888.898.8512. Or visit the contact us page.

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Well Rounded Legal Experience Creates Compelling Criminal Defense Cases

Jun 16, 2011

Criminal defense attorneys specialize in the protection of individuals who have been charged with committing a criminal offense. They are legal professionals that see defense cases, and typically only defense cases. However, there are some defense attorneys who have experience on both sides of the courtroom. Jason Ramos is one Peoria criminal defense attorney who can offer such invaluable experience.

Jason Ramos was a former prosecuting attorney for the Peoria County State's Attorney's Office. Jason left the State’s Attorney’s office in 2001, and went into defending those accused of crimes. In 2004, he opened his own Peoria law firm and has dedicated himself to protecting the constitutional rights of those charged with crimes ever since.

As most legal professionals and advocates would agree, experience is key in the courtroom. Hiring an attorney like Jason Ramos can offer a tremendous advantage amidst a criminal charge. Because Attorney Jason Ramos is familiar with the methods and procedures of most prosecuting attorneys, he is adept at finding winning solutions for his clients. Ramos knows both the prosecution approach as well as the specific legalities that bridge compelling criminal defense cases.

As one of the most prominent and well respected lawyers for DUI defense in Peoria, IL, attorney Jason Ramos has helped a number of clients see favourable outcomes. What has helped to facilitate such legal success has been Jason’s devotion to researching, learning, and experiencing the facets of his practice of law. Attorney Ramos has completed the same field sobriety test course that Illinois law enforcement officials are required to take. Additionally, he is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, Inc. Jason Ramos stays abreast the law and uses every legitimate angle to his clients’ advantage.

In addition to DUI charges, Jason Ramos is highly effective in other aspects of criminal defense law, such as suspended license issues and gun and firearm possession crimes. He is also an acclaimed drug defense lawyer in Peoria, IL. As the head attorney of the Ramos Law Office, P.A., Jason sees a variety of criminal defense cases on an ongoing basis.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by criminal charge, take advantage of a free consultation with Jason Ramos. You can visit his new website at, or call him directly at 309-679-9363.

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Peoria Web Design Company Launches New Website For Accounting Firm

Jan 12, 2011

Peoria, Illinois based Certified Professional Accountant David Mills launches new website for his accounting firm practice Jan. 12.

MORTON, Ill., January 12, 2011 – David Mills, CPA, a Peoria, IL Certified Public Accounting Firm specializing in accounting, bookkeeping, income tax preparation and payroll services announces the launch of its newly-redesigned website:

“I am very pleased with our new website's look and functionality,” said David Mills, Owner of David Mills CPA LLC. “Our site needed to be updated to project a clean, professional look with easy to find information. As our online offerings grow in payroll, bill payments, bookkeeping and tax preparation, our clients will easily be able to access their information 24/7. This site will allow our clients to safely and securely access their tax and financial information.

“I see our website as twofold: No. 1 to let potential customers know our areas of expertise and how we can help them, and No. 2 having our current clients use this as a tool to help them with their accounting and bookkeeping needs.”

The new Peoria IL Accounting Firm website, developed by Peoria, Illinois Web Design Company Online Innovative Creations, offers full detailed descriptions of the firm's accounting and financial services, a frequently asked questions sections about accounting, a sign up to receive their e-newsletter and a password-protected “Clients Only” section to access tax and financial documents securely.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Morton, Illinois, David Mills, CPA LLC, is a privately-held accounting firm with offices in Morton, Illinois and Peoria, Illinois. David Mills, CPA LLC has a staff of five full time and two part time employees offering professional accounting services, bookkeeping services, tax preparation, payroll services, cash flow and budgeting services, outsourced controller services and Quickbooks training and support for small to medium sized businesses and individuals.

For more information on David Mills, CPA LLC, visit or call (309) 266-5700.


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