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Peoria Area Retirement Community Seeks OIC for Local SEO Services

Apr 16, 2014

Just last month in April, OIC commenced a unique local SEO program for Peoria area retirement community Snyder Village. Based just outside Peoria in Metamora, IL, Snyder Village is a reputable retirement community and assisted living facility that hopes to attain top search engine exposure for keywords geographically-relevant to both Metamora and Peoria, IL. Assisted Living Peoria IL

Quite familiar with multi-location SEO, the Internet marketing team at OIC Group developed a simple program to help achieve the goals of Snyder Village. In addition to the primary keyword targets focusing on retirement communities and assisted living, the true challenge for Snyder Village was to capture search traffic from those seeking retirement communities in Peoria (even though the actual facility was based a short drive away in Metamora.)

Just weeks into the program, the optimized inside pages of are already starting to appear on page one of Google search for primary keyword targets like retirement communities in Peoria, IL and related terms. The real challenge will come with keywords that site is not all too relevant on, like assisted living in Peoria, IL and similar variations.

Simple Yet Comprehensive Local SEO Program

Some of the primary component of the local SEO program for Snyder Village include:Retirement Communities Peoria IL

  • a complete citation audit
  • creation of directory listings on 55 different directories (i.e. Google+ Local, Yahoo!, Yelp, etc.)
  • on-site optimization of primary pages with SEO value
  • site-wide image optimization
  • basic link generation campaign focusing on a balanced and natural link portfolio

Other aspects of Snyder Village's local SEO program have been kept in-house (i.e. social media, content marketing, etc.) OIC was able to custom tailor the SEO program to stay within the budget restraints of Snyder Village, while still targeting mildly competitive keyword phrases. The experts of the Peoria SEO company anticipate top 3 Google rankings over the next couple months for the retire community's primary keyword targets.

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New Local Search Marketing Program for Peoria's Leeway Ceramic Tile

Apr 15, 2014

Under the wing of OIC's Internet marketing department, Leeway Ceramic Tile, one the Peoria area's more reputable tile dealers, has embarked on a new local search marketing program. The comprehensive program is composed of both a local SEO and local PPC campaign. Leeway Ceramic Tile has presented the challenge to OIC's SEO professionals in targeting three surrounding cities in central Illinois, in addition to Peoria. Leeway Tile Peoria IL

Getting Exposure in "Areas We Serve"

"It's one thing to optimize a company's website for the city in which its located. However, it's far more difficult to gain local search exposure for cities that the company serves, but is not physically located in." claims Tyler Tafelsky, OIC's lead SEO analyst. "Multi-city SEO programs are always a bit of challenge, especially when presented with situations like Leeway Ceramic Tile."

Tile Bloomington ILIn targeting Leeway Ceramic Tile's core geo-targets of Bloomington, Morton, Peru, and Peoria, OIC needed to establish keyword relevancy for these area, all while respecting the validity of each page and searcher intent. In doing so, OIC expanded upon the website and created new pages for "Areas We Serve."

This neutral means of establishing keywords relevancy was sufficient to communicate to both users and search engines that Leeway Ceramic Tile does indeed service customers in Bloomington, Morton, Peru, and Peoria without implying any false information or tangible locations that do not actually exist (a common issue in the local SEO profession among "black hats".)

So far, the both campaigns are gaining tread and Leeway Ceramic Tile is already realizing an influx of quality traffic to the website. All of the new pages have been crawled and indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and most of them are ranking on page one (some near the top.) OIC looks forward to a bright future with Leeway Ceramic Tile and helping the tile dealer gain increased visibility in the search engines.

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Walz Scale Unleashes New Site for Farm Truck Scales Market

Mar 25, 2014

farm truck scalesIn working with web development and Internet marketing team here at OIC, long-standing client Walz Scale has recently unleashed a new website for its market segment in farm truck scales and weighing systems for agricultural producers.

As a leading global supplier of heavy-duty truck scales, portable wheel weighers and axle scale systems, Walz Scale has also carved a niche in farm truck scales, grain dump scales, and harvest management software solutions for farmers an ag producers. In doing so, Walz Scale has branded a new branch called Ag Weigh. for Farm Truck Scales & Harvest Management Software

At, visitors can clearly see the core specialties in harvest management solutions that this company offers. Showcasing a wealth of products, case studies, and visually-intensive testimonials, is an easy-to-navigate website that makes learning about the various farm truck scale systems easy.

Scroll down near the bottom on the homepage for a section dedicated to news and various projects that Ag Weigh has endeavored. Here visitors can learn about the custom capabilities behind Ag Weigh's farm truck scales, including the company's 3D Yield Load Scanner system which enables farmers to get a visual representation of how harvest yields rest in the beds of farm trucks. Not only can such systems help with weighing, but they can also help maximize productivity and increase the efficiency of most farming operations.

See Current Farm Truck Scales & Weigh Systemstruck scales for sale

One of the greatest aspects of the new website is the abundance of photos and imagery of current farm truck scales that the company has erected. Each farm scale system is incredibly unique per application and goals of the customer. As a result, the amount of research, development, and engineering that goes into each project is intense.

This section of the site is ideal for prospective farmers interested in these portable and platform truck scales for sale. Dovetailing on the idea that an image is worth a thousand words, this aspect of the website has proven highly successful for the company in converting interested visitors into quality leads.

Comprehensive Solutions for Farmers and Ag Producers

harvest management softwareUnlike other providers of farm truck scales, Ag Weigh delivers comprehensive harvest weighing and management solutions in many ways. Weigh scales can be integrated on the actual trucks for optimal convenience (onboard truck scales,) or in other forms like large weighing platforms, floor scales, and portable weigh pads.

In addition to the tangible farm scale systems themselves, Ag Weigh delivers a complete software platform known as Yield Pro. With Yield Pro, farmers can track several pieces of data for select farms and fields of their crop, such as moisture, extraction throughput, stages in the process, and much more. All manageable from the convenience of tablet or smartphone, Yield Pro gives farmers and ag producers the upper-hand in harvest management.

To learn more about the fascinating farm truck scales and various other solutions provided at both Ag Weigh and Walz Scale, visit the websites at and The team at Walz Scale is very happy with the product and ecstatic about the continued marketing services provided by OIC.

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OIC Group is Now Offering Free SEO Audits & Strategy Insights

Mar 12, 2014

The Internet marketing team at OIC Group, Inc. is proud to announce that the company is now offering free SEO audits for new businesses and existing clients.

SEO AuditsUnlike automated SEO audits that scan websites and offer basic reports, the SEO audits provided by OIC Group are hands-on assessments that are manually conducted by professionals of the company. Depending on the site, a full audit can several hours to complete.

But one thing that's consistent is that every SEO audit will reveal actionable strategy insights and specific details about the weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities of your current web presence.

So whether you're in the market to hire a professional SEO company or want to do SEO on your own, a free SEO audit can help steer you in the right direction. We have specific auditing protocols for small businesses interested in local SEO, as well as larger companies kin to enterprise-level SEO.

If you represent an online store, we offer ecommerce SEO audits through our sister company Click Centric SEO.

What to Expect.

The primary elements we examine when conducting SEO audits include:

  • Website Structure, Navigation, & Usability
  • Keyword Usage
  • Technical SEO & Schema Markup
  • Front-End Content Audit
  • Backlink Portfolio Assessment
  • Citation Audit (for Local SEO only)
  • Social Media Presence
  • Analytics & Tracking

All of our SEO audits are unique per site. To request your free, no-obligation SEO audit, contact us today!

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OIC Helps "The Neon South" Sell More Custom Tank Tops & Apparel

Feb 4, 2014

The online store that specializes in neon tank tops as well as custom tank tops and apparel, The Neon South has recently teamed-up with OIC Group to pursue a national SEO campaign. With a high degree of expertise in nationally-based enterprise SEO, the team at OIC Group is prepared to help The Neon South rank for numerous keywords - all of which present varying levels of competitiveness and difficulty. Custom Neon Tank Tops

Aligned with the online store's core offering of products (as well as custom design services) The Neon South has set its sights on ranking for highly competitive keywords like custom tank tops, neon tank tops, and pocket tank tops, to name a few. Other keyword targets on the list include variations of these terms (like "customizable tank tops") and several different long-tail combinations (like "custom neon tank tops" and "custom pocket tank tops").

Beyond Custom Neon Tank Tops

In addition to offering one of the greatest selections of pocket tank tops and neon tank tops (all of which that can be customized per customer,) also offers other products in its awesome inventory. Beyond neon tanks tops, some of other products offer on the website include t-shirts, hats, shades, fannies (fanny packs.) And like the company's core of custom tank tops, all of these products can be customized by the customer.

Making it Easy to Design Custom Tank Tops & T-Shirts

What separates The Neon South from other providers of custom tank tops and t-shirts is the capabilities they offer their customers to design with ease. The website is integrated with Design Studio an intuitive designing platform that offers a seamless way for anyone with basic computer skills to design their own custom neon tank top. Users can upload their own graphics, make notes about their project, save projects on-the-fly, and share their design with others via email.

If designing custom tank tops is beyond the scope of the customer, The Neon South offer custom design services for all of its products. Simply tell the designers of the company the color and style of product desired, along with a general idea of the design and graphics wanted on the tank top, and they'll handle of all of the creative work in-house. The team at The Neon South as done this for countless satisfied customers and will ensure each design meets their needs before calling it complete.

A Rad Tone Geared Toward Radical Target Markets

As you can imagine with custom tank tops (especially custom neon tank tops and pocket tank tops,) the target markets of The Neon South are blend of young, outgoing, and eccentric individuals and groups. Some of these target markets include college university fraternities and sororities, vacation and spring break groups, and various organization seeking a unique uniform to make their presence known.

As a result of The Neon South's radical set of target markets, the tone of the website is equally rad. From the webpage copy to the alluring images, the content on is a creative balance of awesome and informative.

Progression in Higher Search Viability

The SEO campaign for The Neon South has commenced and the on-site work is nearing completion. With the help of some initial off-page efforts in the form of a press release and other link generation and content marketing strategies, the website is already experiencing increased search visibility. In fact, The Neon South is already seeing page one rankings for keywords like custom pocket tanks, among many others.

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OIC Unveils Multi-City Local SEO Campaign for Clean Fuels Associates

Oct 17, 2013

The SEO team of OIC Group has recently unveiled a multi-city local SEO campaign for Clean Fuels Associates, Inc.

Originally based out of Annapolis, MD since November 1986, Clean Fuels Associates has expanded its regional market scope all down the eastern side of the U.S. Now, Clean Fuels provides its unique service programs for customers based in New Orleans, LA; Montgomery, AL; and Philadelphia, PA.

As a result, the fuel polishing and tank cleaning company has teamed-up with OIC to pursue a local SEO program to gain search exposure in these areas. Fuel Cleaning

The multi-city local SEO campaign presents a challenge for the search marketing team of OIC.

"Establishing keyword relevancy and 'local legitimacy' in Google for multiple cities with one website is not always easy." claims Internet marketing manager Tyler Tafelsky. "Fortunately we're dealing with a unique service provider with unique keywords, unlike a restaurant, lawyer, or other general keyword category. Google doesn't show 'Google Local Search' results for these keyword targets, which makes ranking one site for multiple cities much more achievable."

The local SEO campaign has a high degree of focus on on-site content development. OIC plans to take the site much deeper in an effort to establish relevancy both locally and for desired keyword phrases. Much of this development is nearly completed and should be integrated on the website sometime in Q4.

More About Clean Fuels Associates, Inc.

Clean Fuels Associates offers a wide spectrum of services ranging from fuel tank maintenance programs to oil spill containment and cleaning services. Clean Fuels helps clients utilize fuel more efficiently, safely and cleanly.

The company operates under strict business and environmental regulations, and is based on providing incredible customer service and support. Employees and technicians of Clean Fuels Associates offer many years of experience working in the fuel cleaning, polishing, and tank maintenance profession. Most technicians must undergo extensive training and supervised field work before they are fully certified to handle certain projects.

In addition to fuel polishing and tank maintenance services, Clean Fuels Associates also specializes in:

  • Fuel & Oil Spill Containment
  • Fuel Cleaning & Filtration Services
  • Fuel Testing & Sampling Services
  • Fuel Recycling & Disposal Services
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning Services
  • Fuel Supply & Tank Maintenance
  • Fuel Polishing Services
  • Vacuum Truck Services

The company goal behind Clean Fuels Associates is to set the standards in the industry for fuel regulatory compliance, safety and superior equipment for fuel polishing and filtration. Clean Fuels Associates is constantly learning and evolving its business model, which is why the company remains a growing industry leader.

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Click Centric SEO Helps Discount Luggage Retailer Rank Higher With Ecommerce SEO Campaign

Oct 8, 2013

Through OIC's ecommerce SEO services branch, Click Centric SEO, the company has launched an ecommerce SEO campaign for Lexington Luggage Discount Sets

The online luggage retailer specializes in discount luggage sets of some of the most popular brands on the market. The competitive search landscape for luggage-related keywords presents a mighty challenge for Click Centric SEO's ecommerce SEO team.

Thorough keyword research coupled with a complete on-site assessment and competitive analysis will critical aspects to the ecommerce SEO project. Because the playing field is so competitive, keyword selection and these foundational stages of on-site SEO are incredibly important.

To further emphasize the target objectives of the Lexington Luggage campaign, the ecommerce SEO team sets out to:

  • determine the long-tail keyword phrases that Lexington Luggage is currently ranking (or "in the hunt") for, such as discount luggage sets or discount luggage sales
  • assess the current degree of optimization on the website and which category and product level pages have the most SEO value and rankings potential
  • evaluate the authority and degree of optimization of competing websites, all based on desired keyword targets
  • select keyword targets that are achievable for both short-term and long-term objectives

After complete the on-site assessment and keyword research, the ecommerce SEO team has broken down keyword targets into tiers based on competition and a project rankings time line. Lexington Luggage is already in the hunt for several branded keywords, like Samsonite luggage sets and A.Saks luggage. Additionally, Lexington Luggage also shows potential for other longer-tail keywords like discount luggage sets and discount luggage store.

The ecommerce SEO team of Click Centric SEO is pursuing tier one keywords more aggressively while taking a gradual approach with more competitive tier two and tier three keywords.

The keyword categories for online luggage sales are vast and theirs definitely good opportunities to carve a niche in the discount luggage categories. The rest of the campaign will focus on sharp on-site SEO with better and deeper content, in addition to aggressive off-site SEO and some social media.

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OIC Delivers Ecommerce SEO Services for Online Electronics Retailer ""

Jul 23, 2013

Putting the firm's ecommerce SEO team to the test, OIC Group has embarked on an ecommerce SEO services program for, and online electronics retailer that specializes in high-end televisions and entertainment products.

Putting the firm's ecommerce SEO team to the test, - Samung TV's and MOreOIC Group has embarked on an ecommerce SEO services program for 

"The challenge with ecommerce SEO campaigns are daunting as it is, but in an electronics marketplace, that challenge is further magnified." claims Tyler Tafelsky, OIC's lead SEO and Internet marketing analyst.

"We definitely need to get creative with respect to Google's constantly evolving search engine algorithm." He continues.

Tyler spearheads most of the ecommerce SEO services for Click Centric SEO, OIC's sister brand that focuses on specifically on ecommerce marketing. just completed its website redesign, so aspects of CRO (conversion rate optimization) have been drastically improved. This redesign should help bolster the overall success of the ecommerce SEO services by turning the influx of unique visitors into paying customers.

About the Ecommerce SEO Campaign

The ecommerce SEO campaign for centers on some degree of on-site SEO services with aggressive off-site SEO initiatives (with much focus on establishing natural link popularity.)

As for the on-site SEO needs, most pages' URLs, page titles, and Meta data are already sufficiently optimized with respective keyword inclusion. What was missing on the website is proper internal linking and brand-focused segmented sitemaps.

As a result, much of the on-site SEO services for this ecommerce site emphasize more cohesive internal linking. And because the website is deep with hundreds of product pages for numerous brands, OIC looks forward to constructing segmented HTML sitemaps. This ecommerce SEO strategy has been known to enhance search engine crawling and indexing, helping to improve overall SEO efforts. seeks to rank for many product-focused keyword targets that center on specific model numbers.

Working to the advantage of OIC's ecommerce SEO services is an aged domain that's fairly clean of HTML errors and warnings (a rare quality for ecommerce sites.) Additionally, the website in general is well-developed for fast load speed, as well as fluid crawling and indexing.

OIC plans to roll-out a Google Plus page for to further the ecommerce SEO services program. The SEO team is excited to see if the creation of this page (and linking to the domain) alone advances any keyword rankings.

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OIC Builds Search Marketing Campaign for the Village of Morton, IL

Jun 20, 2013

In an effort to expand its local search exposure and generate quality traffic to its website, the Village of Morton has recently teamed-up with the search marketing experts of OIC Group. Morton, Illinois

The website for the Village of Morton, IL serves a central hub for locals living in Morton, as well as a resource for visitor and tourism information. Additionally, the Village of Morton website also provides commercial-related information for prospective businesses, existing companies in the area, and entrepreneurs considering starting a business in Morton, IL.

Spanning from local residents looking to pay their utility bills online, to prospective business looking for vacant buildings to do business, visitors of the site are as diverse as the area's forefathers who established the economic foundation of the Peoria and greater central Illinois regions.

The core purpose of the local search marketing campaign is intended to direct the latter-mentioned audiences to the website when they search Google (and other respective search engines) for relevant keywords. This has resulted in the creation of an interesting campaign for OIC's search marketing team. Because the Village of Morton's website is so diversified in its target search markets, the optimization process has required a slightly more unique approach.

In an effort to educate prospective residents about the area's fine education facilities, a major focus for the website was to highlight Morton, IL schools and education, namely the area's highly acclaimed Morton District 709. With the help of OIC, the website showcases a well of information in the category and should help attract interested families to the area.

To learn more about the Morton, Illinois area, visit the OIC Group-designed website,, for more information.

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Central Illinois-based Computer Repair Company Teams-up With OIC for Web Marketing

Jun 13, 2013

Peoria IL Computer Repair

Nerds on Call, a central Illinois-based computer repair company with locations in Peoria, Bloomington, Farmington, Peru, and Pekin, have commenced an Internet marketing program with OIC Group, Inc.

In addition to providing a complete re-design of the computer repair company's website, OIC has put together a comprehensive search engine marketing program that entails local PPC advertising and organic SEO. Being in a competitive local market space in the computer repair profession, Nerds on Call is beginning to realize an influx of traffic as its website search exposure continues to magnify.

Peoria IL Computer Repair Services

In addition to generating web traffic, the search marketing experts at OIC are also aiding Nerds on Call in select social media marketing initiatives. By creating Google+ local pages for each computer repair store, Nerds on Call is better able to bolster it's Google local search rankings, as well as support customer inquiries. OIC is helping to manage all pages by providing on-going social media consulting services.

Nerds on Call, which is partnered with Facet Technologies, Inc., provides a number of computer solutions. Together, both brands offer PC and laptop repair, virus removal, iPod and video game repair, as well as business services in IT support, consulting, on-site IT staffing, and much more.

Both Nerds on Call and OIC Group are proud members of the Prairie Technology Alliance. This is a regional alliance of central Illinois companies that focus on serving the area with advanced technology and web-based solutions. Prairie Tech is a well-versed alliance that's proud to serve business throughout the area.

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