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OIC Provides SEO for Surgeons Through New Website

Friday, October 3, 2014

OIC recently unveiled a new project that focuses on SEO for surgeons and related medical specialists. The new surgeon SEO site is and it just launched last September.

The SEO team at OIC is excited about this new project, as they plan to leverage multiple channels for lead acquisition. Additionally, the team has also been developing a vast network of surgeon-related resources to help support future clients in this particular niche. Optimized SEO for Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons is a simple yet highly targeted website that's well-optimized for keywords like "SEO for surgeons" and "plastic surgeon SEO". With organic SEO a more long-term focus in attracting quality leads, OIC has been aggressively working to attain top rankings for these terms, and just recently broke page one of Google for the former keyword phrase SEO for surgeons.

Given how new the website is, it will take some time before OIC sees the top 3 of Google, but they're confident. In addition to SEO, the lead acquisition strategy behind Optimized Surgeons also includes a couple other approaches.

Targeting Surgeon SEO Clients With Paid Advertising

SEO Optimized SurgeonsWhen most marketing professional hear paid advertising, they often think Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. And while PPC might be an option in the distant future for Optimized Surgeons, the first form of paid advertising that's focal to the program is Facebook advertising.

The incredibly targeted advertising capabilities on Facebook enable marketers to serve ads to individuals and professionals based on many different interests, demographics, affiliations, and accreditations. In short order, Optimized Surgeons can create ads targeting professionals with specific surgical specialties. Those prospects with an interest in local SEO for plastic surgeons might find these ads of great interest. Additionally, the cost per click (or engagement) using this advertising platform is far less than Google AdWords PPC advertising.

Organic Means to Market Optimized Surgeons

In addition to leveraging OIC's powerful capabilities in SEO, other organic means to market Optimized Surgeons include social media marketing and content marketing. These elements are still in-the-works, as the Google+ page for Optimized Surgeons was recently created, and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are next to come.

A blog was also recently added to the website of Optimized Surgeons and will serve as content publishing platform to share insightful and educational content with surgeons interested in SEO. The combination of producing valuable, relevant content and sharing it on social media will be integral component to the surgeon SEO company's branding and lead acquisition strategy. This activity will also help support the overall SEO strategy, as a strong active social media presence (combined with consistently fresh and updated content) can bolster credibility and authority for SEO.


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