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OIC Group Unveils Ecommerce SEO Company ClickCentric SEO

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OIC Group, Inc., is proud to unveil a new member of our family of website service providers. Our newest subsidiary company is ClickCentric SEO a sector of OIC that focuses specifically on the specialties of ecommerce marketing, search engine optimization, website design, development, and more.

Along with website optimization company the Web Presence Group, OIC Group's addition of ClickCentric SEO now makes for a trifecta of web expertise.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping and selling, even for small to medium sized businesses, the demand for ecommerce services is skyrocketing. OIC's response is to this is dedicated a group of specialists to provide ecommerce optimization, design, development, and all other website services that center on e-retail.

More Than Just Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

ClickCentric SEO was recently taken live to the Web last week. The site offers a wealth of information from ecommerce reviews for content management systems to articles about all things ecommerce. In addition to providing services in ecommerce SEO and Internet marketing, ClickCentric SEO also offers strategy development consulting and conversion optimization expertise.

The group is highly flexible in its skill-sets as well as the service packages in which it provides. Some of the areas that ClickCentric SEO emphasize are: Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ecommerce Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Ecommerce Email Marketing Ecommerce Website Design Ecommerce Web Development Ecommerce Strategy & Consulting.

With primary focus in ecommerce SEO, social media marketing, and other select Internet marketing services, the well-versed ecommerce SEO company delivers an abundance of expertise in ecommerce web marketing. From designing websites from the ground-up, to optimizing existing online stores, ClickCentric SEO offers powerful ecommerce services for all types of needs.

Conversion Optimization

What's often times more important that getting web traffic from SEO or PPC is converting it. That is, after a visitor lands on a webpage, the site must function in such a way that compels the visitor to take action (whether that be subscribing to an email list, participating in a survey, or buying a product.)

Similar to expertise of website optimization company Web Presence Group, ClickCentric SEO centers its efforts on post-click activity that takes place on the site. The company specializes specifically in on-site optimization and ecommerce usability. This helps to promote greater conversion potential for ecommerce sites and more sales as a result.


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