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Design Flexible CMS - Designer Friendly CMS - Design Flexible Content Management Software


Designer Friendly CMS - Flexible Design Content Management Software

Visual Flexibility
Designer Friendly CMS - Design Flexible CMS - Visual Flexibility

Exponent is a Design Flexible CMS, empowering the Exponent Themer with the ability to create their websites exactly as they have been designed.

A Themer of the Exponent Content Management System is only limited by their knowledge of (x)HTML and CSS.

Exponent's powerful Theming Engine allows a Themer to mark up an Exponent Website the same as they would for a static website - without fear of their design becoming limited by the CMS behind it - making Exponent one of the most flexible CMS' available.

Our Designer Friendly CMS Theming Engine also makes available many tools to help a Themer not only get up and going with a theme very quickly, but adhere to common web practices and standards.

Markup Flexibility
Designer Friendly CMS - Mark up Flexibility

Exponent Design Flexible CMS affords a Themer the ability to get up and going quickly with base templates and accompanying CSS for wide range of modules Exponent offers out of the box.

Themer's also will take great benefit from Exponent's Drop-In Stylesheets, and Override-able File Structure, allowing a Designer to tweak and fine tune their websites on a per-site basis.

Built on top of the Smarty Templating Engine, our Designer Friendly CMS also supplies Themer's with a wide range of Smarty Plugins that help the Themer bring the content they want to the page, in just the right way.

Application Flexibility
Ultimate Application Flexibility with Exponent Design Flexible Content Management Software

Exponent Flexible CMS is also an incredibly powerful development platform.

Designed following the MVC (Module View Controller) Architectural Pattern, our Flexible CMS provides the tools and features that allow a Developer to modify, extend, or override parts of the system without modifying the core code.

Our Designer Friendly CMS allows a Developer to build highly custom applications and satisfy a multitude of client needs.


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