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Custom Exponent CMS Development - Exponent Content Management System Development


Exponent Content Management System Custom Programming

Custom Exponent Content Management System DevelopmentOnline Innovative Creations is the development team which created the core of the the Exponent CMS Framework. For customization of your Exponent Content Management System, let the team that knows the leading Content Management Solution from the ground up.

Based on the PHP programming language and MySQL database application, our php application development company can create or modify the base modules to add additional features that meet your particular need. Besides the custom capabilities of our Exponent applications, the Exponent Framework allows us to create separate web based applications tuned exactly to your requirements.

No longer is your business restricted to legacy software which may need to have separate licenses for each desktop computer. Exponent Framework allows a quicker development cycle from design to implementation.


Brief Introduction to Our Development Process:

  • Initial Consultation: Our first meeting involves getting to know each other, our companies, and your project goals. When we have gained enough information on your project, we will meet with our in house design team to produce a non-binding ballpark estimate on your project and present this to you. If the quote is in line with your budget expectation, we move on to the next step.
  • Detailed Project Definition: At the start of your project, we meet with your project team to become intimately familiar with the details of your project. Depending on the size and scope of your application, definition may encompass several meetings and may continue throughout the development cycle. We discuss the goals you must reach for your project, specific functionality required, architecture, your user base, proprietary systems involved, workflow issues, timeframes and deadlines. We approach your project from all facets and angles, perform risk assessments, and gather as much detail as possible. When we feel we have gathered sufficient detail, we again regroup with our design team and formulate a detailed proposal and binding quote. If you accept this quote, we move to the next stage and begin development.
  • Design: A Successful completed application starts as a well designed application. Good design is absolutely crucial to a successful project. Approximately 20% of the total project budget is spent in the design stage, before a single piece of code is written. Our engineers formulate a project blueprint, laying out specific design fundamentals which will be followed throughout the life of the development cycle. Strict adherence to proper software design techniques and methodologies assures your project is built with a solid foundation. Our design team divides the project blueprint into virtual sections, formulates timelines and milestones, and begins the next stage. Development and Testing: With a project blueprint in place, the actual coding begins. Certain pieces of functionality are handled in house while appropriate pieces are delegated to our overseas partners. Strict development guidelines are followed by all parties, including daily project builds, progress reports, continued risk assessments, and revisiting the definition stage. Testing is performed at each milestone, ensuring bugs are caught early in the development cycle. If problems are discovered at any time, they are handled immediately with due diligence, thereby keeping project destroying bugs from making their way through to production. The development-testing cycle continues. As pieces of functionality are completed, the application takes shape and the blueprint becomes reality. A final testing process is performed on the completed application and it is considered Alpha stage.
  • Alpha Stage: The project is delivered to you and your Alpha user group. Your Alpha users put the application through its paces, recording any bugs or discrepancies that arise. The OIC development team analyzes the reports, compares the results to the project definition document and blueprint, and fixes any relevant bugs that arise. The Alpha stage continues in this fashion until the project is deemed release quality.
  • Beta Stage: Your project is released to a larger audience as a Beta version. This can be a larger test bed, or a full release audience, depending on the project. Large scale use of the application in Beta stage puts the project though its final paces and any relevant bugs that are discovered are corrected.
  • Full Release: Often a full release simply involves a name change and announcement that the project is now of full release quality. If the beta stage was not a full audience release, the project is now offered to your full intended user group.
  • Maintenance and Enhancements: Bug fixes, changes in look or functionality, and adding new features are all part of the ongoing life of a piece of software. Our Peoria CMS company will be here to help maintain and enhance your project to meet the needs of you and your users throughout the life cycle of your application.

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