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Easy Website Content Editing Software - Exponent CMS, Tools & Features


Edit Website Content Easy with Exponent CMS

Exponent Content Management System Tools & FeaturesThe Exponent Content Management System was created by Online Innovative Creations for the open source software community. Exponent CMS developers support the Exponent open source project because they believe in not only the system as a new and radically different CMS offering, but also because they appreciate its underlying simplicity and common sense approach to making editing website content easy.

Exponent CMS utilizes a "What You See is What You Get" (WYSIWYG), user interface to easily edit website content. This intuitive, flexible and easy content editing system allows website pages to be edited on the page as it is displayed, as opposed to other more cumbersome content mangement systems that use a back-end administration interface.

With Exponent's easy website content editing there is...

  • no more back-end administration
  • no more navigating endless administration pages to add a simple line of text

...simply visit the page you need to edit as if you were a site visitor, and make the change right on the page.

To learn more about Exponent CMS Tools & Features, click any of the icons below or on any of the navigation links on the left.

Easy Content Editing ToolsIn-line Content Editing and Administration

Exponent CMS uses an intuitive, flexible and easy in-line content editing system that allows website content to be edited right on the page as it appears. Just point, click, type, save... and you're done!

Content Management System Software On the Fly Image Editing ToolsOn the Fly Image Editing Tools

Cropping and resizing images before you place them on your website is important for optimizing site loading speed and image appearance. Exponent CMS has a built-in image editing tool making your job easy!

Flexible Design Content Management SoftwareDesign Flexible CMS

The Design Flexibility of Exponent CMS empowers designers to create their websites exactly as they have designed them.

Search Engine Friendly CMS FeaturesSearch Engine Friendly CMS Features

Exponent CMS features a robust set of Search Engine Friendly tools to help you get your business to the top of the search engines. Exponent is a 100% search engine friendly cms.

User Management and Permissions Content Management SystemUser Management and Permissions

Secure logins can be given to as few or as many content administrators as you like, and granting of rights on different content in your site can be given to these users as you see fit.

PHP Blogging and Online Journaling Software CMS Blog and Online Journaling

Our website content management system features a highly functional built-in CMS blog & online journal publishing tool for authoring your online weblog.

Website Image Gallery - Photo Album CMS Tools & FeaturesImage Gallery

Website image galleries and image slide shows and photo albums are an excellent way to display your company's products and services to your online customers.

Build Custom Web Forms - Dynamic Web Form Builder Software FeatureDynamic Web Form Builder

Exponent offers a very powerful custom web form building system, which allows your site administrators to create dynamic web forms on the fly, from simple to extremely complex.

Dynamic Navigation Menus with Exponent CMSDynamic Navigation Menus

Exponent CMS makes managing web page navigation as easy as possible. Exponent's flexible drag and drop navigation allows you to create new pages on the fly, move and rearrange pages at will, grant viewing permissions and hide pages from public view.

Content Sharing, Reuse & Aggregation FeaturesContent Reuse

Entering data more than once in any application is a strict no-no. One of Exponent Content Management System's most touted features is content reuse and content aggregation - eliminating the need to enter the same content twice!

Open Source CMS - Built In Website Search Engine MechanismBuilt In Content Search

Exponent contains a fast and powerful site search mechanism, allowing your users to quickly find and navigate to the exact content they are looking for.

Document and Digital Asset Management CMSDocument and Digital Asset Management

Your digital files - Word Documents, PDFs, Images, etc. - can be “tagged” and categorized.

Online Event Calendar CMSCalendar of Events

Exponent Content Management Software has a built-in web event calendar publishing tool, enabling you to publish your events in an attractive, easy-to-navigate web calendar.

Open Source Social Networking and Social Media PlatformSocial Networking and Social Media

Keep your up with the latest in internet marketing and web social networking with Exponent CMS' open source social networking platform. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Forums... Exponent does it all!

PHP Content Management Software for News PublishingNews

The Exponent Content Management System is a powerful online news publishing cms software system.

RSS Web Content Management Tool FeaturesRSS Feeds

Several types of content within Exponent can be configured to offer Really Simple Syndication or RSS Feeds.

Audio and Video Podcasting CMS Tools & FeaturesPodcasting

Publishing Audio and Video Podcasts is a feature of Exponent's open source social networking platform.


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