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Domain Name Registration Services - Domain Name Management Services


Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Management Services

Image showing domain name management and domain name registration.

So you have a domain name.  Is YOUR name on it, or is it a former employee, the previous business owner, or your web developer from 3 years ago who has since disappeared?  Do you know WHERE to manage your domain?  Do you know when it expires?  Did you just get a letter from a domain registration company and you have no idea if it's legit or a scam?

If you're not sure of the answer to those questions, we can help.

Domain name registration and management can be a confusing gauntlet to navigate if you are not familiar with the processes and procedures involved.  Most domain name registrars make it very easy to regsister your domain, but once they have your business they often make it nearly impossible to transfer your domain elsewhere.  

Online Innovative Creations has been managing domain names for over a decade and we are very familiar with the registrars and the processes and procedures that go along with domain name ownership and management. Whether or not you are registering a new domain, renewing an existing domain, or are having troubles with your current domain, we can help with your domain name registration and domain name management duties.


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