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Dedicated Servers and Server Colocation Services

Dedicated Servers and Colocation ServicesIf your needs have gone beyond standard web hosting, than you may be a good candidate for a dedicated server.  Dedicated servers are just that - dedicated to you and you alone, running only the services that you requires.  While this is overkill for the majority of standard websites, if you own a high-traffic, resource intensive website or web application, then a managed dedicated server is your best bet.

We partner with three established data centers from around the country to offer a secure, high-bandwidth, high-performance dedicated server solution to our clients.  We offer turn-key solutions where we manage the server on-going, as well as pass-thru solution if you prefer to manage the servers yourself.  Our servers are custom programmed by our dedicated team of Linux Server Programmers to setup each server based on your needs.

Online Innovative Creations has on staff Linux Qualified System Administrators who will monitor and manage the critical functions related to your dedicated server. Allowing the OIC to manage your dedicated server allows your company to focus on what's important, your true business.  Should trouble arise, you can always rest assured that one of our own Linux system administrators is available to manage your problems and get things running in tune again.  

Should you require an ultra high-availability solution, we are able to setup a redundant, load-balancing setup with multiple dedicated servers, offering you both load balancing for high performance, and redundancy for the ultimate in server uptime.

Server Colocation Services

We also offer limited server colocation services, where you place your server in our datacenter and manage your server remotely.  We simply provide a secure environment with power and Internet access, and are available to assist with troubleshooting such as hard reboots. 

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