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Military Clothing and Sales Website

I love what I do for many reasons. I love building websites, I love SEO work and Internet marketing, and I love providing a service to our clients that makes a big impact on their success.

One of the ancillary loves of my job comes in the form of learning what our clients do. "Business" in general just fascinates me, as I'm always interested in learning how things are made, how products are sold, and just learning about the history and different business models of each of our clients.

We have a great mix of clients, from non-profits and municipalities to online retailers selling everything from first aid kits to wedding dresses. One of our very successful clients is an online retailer called Truly Unique Military Surplus & Collectibles, Inc., also known as The Supply Sergeant. They sell military clothing, combat boots, and pretty much anything related to military apparel.

In process of working on the site, we've learned many things along the way. Interesting information and facts on the military in general, the various uniforms and different requirements each branch has, and lots of product specific knowledge - I can now tell you the difference between jungle boots, jump boots, and tanker boots!

What initially spawned my thought process for this post was the term used in the title - military clothing and sales, and how this term relates specifically to this particular industry. This is one of the many little tidbits of knowledge I gained from working on this site. To a normal civilian, this term looks like more of a basic description or even an incomplete sentence. However in the military, the term 'military clothing and sales' is used to represent the shop on a military base where enlisted personnel go to buy their uniforms and apparel. Used in an example sentence: "I went to the Military Clothing and Sales on my post and picked up a new boonie."
Trivial to most I'm sure, but I find little things like this to be interesting in the least and is just one of the many reasons I love what I do!


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