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Find Your Holiday Supplies More Efficiently On Google

With less than two weeks remaining to wrap up holiday gift shopping, many consumers turn to the Internet to find their last minute items. Search engines like Google offer immense specificity when finding certain products, enabling users to comparison shop amongst a global mall of e-retailers.

In addition, search engines offer tremendous efficiency in finding the highly specific items that are not always available locally. Although search engines are set-up for optimum user-friendliness, there are a few techniques that can enhance your searching and help you find the things you need in minimal time.

Below we outline four seasonal search tips that can significantly improve your holiday Googling.

Word Exclusion

Let’s pretend you need to find pair of Guess brand jeans, but you want to exclude any results that contain the word women. To do this, simply insert the “-” sign in front of the word you want to exclude.

Example: Guess jeans –women

Explicit Phrase Search

Perhaps you are seeking sources for holiday party supplies, but specifically for Christmas. You would likely get better and more specified search results by submitting an explicit phrase search. To do this, enclose the search phrase within double quotations.

Example: “Christmas party supplies

Website Specific Search

In many cases, you know the e-store with the lowest prices, but you just need to find the product. For instances like this, simply use the “site:” modifier (just be sure that there is no space between site: and the website’s URL.)

Example: mens Arcteryx Fission jacket

Find This OR That

Let’s say you’ve narrowed your choice of golf clubs to either Titleist or Nike, but you still need to do some comparison shopping. This would be the ideal time to use the “OR” operator in your search to render results that contain only Titleist and Nike brand clubs (note that OR must be capitalized.)

Example: golf clubs Titleist OR Nike

By implementing these four search tactics in your holiday shopping arsenal, you can start crossing off last minute items Christmas items in little time. These simple techniques can help refine your search queries for better quality results.


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