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Your Checklist When Scouting for Quality Website Optimization Services

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Your Checklist When Scouting for Quality Website Optimization Services

If you're seeking website optimization services to help your site perform better, there's a number of considerations to keep top of mind.

In some cases, website optimization services can focus solely on usability and conversion rate optimization (CRO,) whereas in other situations, website optimization can include organic search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other inbound marketing techniques.

Depending on your company's needs, you'll want to be a bit picky in the website optimization services you choose. There's a number of companies that offer more usability-based website optimization programs, and others that focus more on SEO and inbound marketing.

Below a simple checklist of considerations that you can use as questionnaire or resource when scouting for a proficient website optimization company:

  • Design and Aesthetics - In today's digital age, you need an attractive web design that symbolizes your brand. Only full-service website optimization companies offer design and creative services. These firms are typically a bit more expensive than more marketing-focused firms, but they offer a lot of efficiencies for large projects.
  • Development and Coding - The HTML structure or mark-up of the website can ultimate determine how search engine friendly the site will be. It's good to know how adept a provider is with web development when inquiring about website optimization. Strong developers can optimize the HTML code as it stands, whereas other providers support using a CMS. Just be sure that the CMS being used is SEO friendly.
  • Structure and Navigation - The organization of pages throughout the website (also known as the site "architecture" or "blueprints") showcases the navigation paths and overall structural layout of the site. Not only is the important for usability, but also for SEO and website optimization. In short, the structure of your website's navigation can influence on-page SEO and establishing greater keyword relevancy.
  • Copywriting - Writing great copy is both time consuming and sometimes costly. You'll want to know if your prospective website optimization company provides copywriting services. And if so, ask for examples of the copywriter's work. In some cases, it's best if you or someone of your company writes the page copy.
  • Social Media Marketing - Very few website optimization specialist provide ongoing social media marketing services. Firms that offer services in social media are ahead of the curve and know that social integration is paramount for future web marketing success.
  • SEO and Inbound Marketing - Some website optimization companies only provide on-site services designed to make your website perform faster and more efficiently for users. Some website optimization companies only focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and post-click activity. And then there's a few who only specialize in SEO and inbound marketing. Be sure to learn the core competencies of your prospects and ensure they align with your company's best interests.

Very seldom will you find a SEO and website optimization company that specializes in all of these facets. The definition of "website optimization" is too broadly interpreted for there to be a clear-cut definition and perspective.

I hope this checklist educates you on finding the ideal provider for website optimization services that will meet your company's objectives.

About the Author

Tyler Tafelsky has over five years of experience as a SEO expert. Beyond SEO, Tyler offers skills in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, copywriting, and social media engagement. You can learn more by connecting with Tyler on Google+, or following Tyler on Twitter.






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