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How "Web Presence Optimization" is Redefining Search Engine Optimization

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How "Web Presence Optimization" is Redefining Search Engine Optimization

There's no doubt that the best practices of search engine optimization (SEO) are evolving. In essence, SEO is being redefined as a more holistic approach known as web presence optimization.

Web presence optimization is the cohesive effort of optimizing all online touch points a business or brand uses to connect with its audience. So in addition to optimizing a website for better search engine exposure (traditional SEO,) we also integrate various forms of social media and content marketing into the mix.

Search Authority Hinges on Social

There two primary ways in which social media is impacting search.

  1. Social signals (e.g. Likes, Shares, Tweets, and +1's) give content greater search engine value. Think of these signals as votes of credibility that tell Google that a page is worthy of better rankings. I like to think of this as "social authority," which can directly influence SEO.
  2. Social content itself appears in the organic search results. For example, Tweets, Google+ posts, and LinkedIn profiles can all be seen in the organic search results. These social properties can help increase a brand's search visibility.

Just look at the screenshot below of a Tweet that was ranking in the #3 spot in Google. 

The fact of the matter is, Google finds value in socially favored content. It's legitimately trusted by real humans and not manipulatively promoted by building links. Social media is an essential aspect of any brand's web presence. And with search becoming more socially integrated, it's become a more unified approach (aka web presence optimization.) Just take a look at Google's Search plus Your World. It's a clear indication that social prowess will begin having a more profound impact on search engine visibility.

Google's SERPs Showcase Great Content

It's becoming more and more common to see great content appearing in the organic search results. That is, top-notch articles, blog posts, and videos are ranking in the top spots over highly optimized webpages. Take a look at the organic search results below for the keyword "granite refinishing." Notice how the first three listings are informative pieces of content that are not directly selling anything.

Again, this is Google ensuring the quality control of its search results by ranking more neutral and info-driven pieces of content. With respect to the latter focus of social signals, the top three listings shown above have probably earned a fair share of likes, tweets, and other social signals.

As a result, creating and marketing exceptional content is pivotal for any SEO strategy. Not only does great content have the capabilities to see top rankings (thus naturally inbounding traffic to a website,) but content marketing can also offer some degree of SEO link value when appropriate utilized.

Constructing a Cohesive Strategy

SEO become less of an effort of on-page website optimization via keywords and link building, and more an effort of real marketing. The new recipe for success hinges on superb content that facilitates social engagement. In short, brands should be focusing on web presence optimization - a means for online brand building, SEO, and website optimization practices as a whole. This foundation to this approach is content marketing coupled with social media. These two practices are paramount to achieve better rankings in the organic search results.

About the Author:

Tyler Tafelsky is a content manager and SEO specialist at the Web Presence Group, a web presence optimization firm based in Peoria, IL. Tyler offers over 5 years of experience in the SEO profession and stays abreast the latest changes in the industry and the best practices of organic search marketing. To learn more him and his expertise, you can connect with Tyler of Google Plus.


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