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Web Design vs. Web Development: Depicting the Practice

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Web Design vs. Web Development: Depicting the Practice

Outside the office, it's not uncommon to hear the roles of web designers and web developers used for the same purposes. Sure, the practices of both web design and web development share some overlap in terms of website creation, yet they are both very different.

When it comes to coding a website for proper usability and functionality, web design and development is a cohesive partnership. Some individuals are capable of wearing both hats and can execute tasks from both ends of the spectrum. Yet when certain talents are required, such as technical scripting skills or creative graphic work, the need for a more niche professional is often demanded.

To help clarify the practices of web design and web development, we depict both in greater detail below.

Web Developers: The Architects

In a nutshell, web development encompasses a more technical approach to building a website. This includes an abundance of if then functionality (if the user performs this action, then the website will do that as result.)

For complex websites, this may center on database development and integration, which is mostly back-end focused. An experienced web developer can create the necessary processes and user-functions of a website, and integrate them into the HTML. This may include simple executions like implementing menu drop downs and navigation references, or more complex tasks like on-site search functionality and database integration. Web development, although more technically oriented, is a difficult role to define because it covers such a wide range of aspects.

Just think of web developers as the architects (and builders) of a website, for they plan and organize the overall blueprints of the site and how it interacts with users.

Web Designers: The Artists

Web designers are more focal to the front-end of the website. That is, they are masters of a website's visual appeal. Web design emphasizes the layout, which centers on the use and placement of images, videos, graphics, buttons, call-to-actions, copy, and other forms of content.

Web designers take care of the site's look and feel, and will often take into consideration the user-behaviors that influence conversion optimization. Although web design experts are adept in HTML coding, they also utilize creative tools like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to produce buttons, graphics, and other visuals. Solid web designers are also proficient in usability testing and know eye-tracking best practices like the back of their hand.

This can be very advantageous for sites looking to split-test multiple design concepts or landing page variations. In many cases, web designers will team up with usability strategists, developers, copywriters, and Internet marketers to ensure projects are completed as desired.

The Agency Duo

Most agencies that build and optimize websites will cover the practices of both web design and development. Whether they have one individual to handle it all or dedicated teams for both, complete website companies will understand the nature of each.

At our Peoria web design company, we offer expertise in web development and design based on the talents of numerous specialists. Our web creation experts work together with our SEO and Internet marketing team to ensure proper elements are in place and SEO friendly standards are met.

This blog post was produced by Tyler Tafelsky, Internet Marketing Manager of OIC Group, Inc.


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