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Tips to Become More Popular in the Google+ Community

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Tips to Become More Popular in the Google+ Community

With competition among like-minded businesses as high as ever these days, companies live and die by how effective they get their brand out on the web. Being active on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is becoming more important as SEO algorithms continue to respect social media signals more and more.

In this post, I’ll show a few tips on how to earn more Google+ followers, the trickiest and most important social media platform to conquer.


Inviting people to add you or your business to their circles is certainly the first step to gaining a following. The next being inviting people you don’t know. But when people get to your page and find nothing of value, they will not be returning. Promote your page only when it is ready to be promoted. Ensuring your Google+ page is well populated before reaching out is the smartest strategy you can take.

Load your page with content and posts so visitors won’t lose interest when they find a vanilla page. And as always, building up your image on the other social media giants always helps, (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).


Blogging about your page not only gives readers an in-depth look into what your business is all about, but it’s a way of putting your page out there to be shared. If people find worth in what you’re blogging about, there’s a good chance they’ll share it with contacts of similar interest.
Google Plus Followers Tips in Peoria IL
On the web, it’s paramount to post only relevant content that has purpose and value - not just something you personally found interesting. Take a moment to think about the content you're posting, along with your presentation. Valuable, highly-relevant content is what leads to viral sharing, which in turn will skyrocket your following.


Not only is providing valuable content a must, but posting visually diverse content can hook visitors of varying expectations (and attention-spans). Posting and sharing all types of content is a sure way of appealing to a broad range of visitors.

Diversify your content by posting various forms of rich media. If you’re trying to explain some form of data or statistic, develop a graphic. Also consider the impact of posting videos or more interactive text-based content like how-to lists and tips. Even try engaging with followers and visitors by asking questions and requesting feedback. Every creative effort you attempt can pay dividends in the long run.


Google+ has this feature called ‘Direct Connect,’ which enables your page to be found on organic search results. The searcher then has the option to follow you directly from the page results. Direct Connect is currently only available to select businesses and will continue to add pages algorithmically.

‘Hangout on Air’ is another nifty feature which lets up to 10 people participate in a chat, with an unlimited number watching. This means an exclusive group of industry professionals can broadcast a live web seminar where thousands and thousands of people watch. The potential with this kind of social networking is endless. Hangout on Air can potentially give a face to businesses who may be suffering from stale content and image.

Direct Connect will slowly become less exclusive to businesses. But in the meantime making yourself eligible is paramount. To make yourself eligible for Direct Connect you need to add a badge (six different ones to choose from). Once you put the badge code on your page you have become eligible for Direct Connect. In order to become added, you need to be active with links and posting content regularly (the usual SEO stuff).


There are, of course many tactics involved in attracting new Google+ followers. But these are the basic steps, where if done right, will definitely help develop a hardy cluster toward your business’ page. The rules are changing but the game is still the same. Posting valuable content improves your overall web presence and gives yourself a solid chance to rank among the best.

This blog post was contributed by Kyle Blasco.
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