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Strategy Insights for SEO in 2013

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Strategy Insights for SEO in 2013

Search engine optimization (SEO) is rapidly evolving. The fact of the matter is, Google is not a big fan of SEO's. This is primarily because the core function of SEO is to manipulate Google's search results for the benefit of clients, or the SEO practitioners themselves. As a result of this cunning manipulation, the quality of Google's search results has diminished.

So Google continuously changes its search engine algorithm for quality control and to keep the impact of SEO subtle and maintained. But aside from the more minute algorithm changes that occur on a frequent basis, Google is striving for a greater evolution of its search results that will significantly impact the roles of SEO's and search marketers.

In a nutshell, the big changes for SEO are already present. It will be the onset of 2013 when they really start realizing their full potential.

So what are these big changes that are evolving Google search? The momentous changes center on social engagement (namely via Google Plus) and the profound impact real social interactions will have on SEO.

SEO is NOT Dead. It's Becoming More Social

Have you heard of this catchy buzzword floating around: "SEOcial?"

That weird little word, in its very essence, underscores the new form of search engine optimization. Instead of optimizing a website's content for keywords, SEOcial is all about optimizing your content (articles, webpages, blog posts, videos, etc.) for social engagement.

Awesome and engaging content that gains the likes, tweets and +1's of the masses is what will win the SEO game in 2013.

Not to say some of the more old-school SEO practices of keyword optimization and link popularity will be entirely dead - these techniques just wont be as powerful as the latter social media signals and natural sharing of exceptional content.

How to Prepare Your 2013 SEO Strategy

In short, the brands that produce top-notch content, and share it persistently with the right audiences, will achieve better positioning in the organic search results. In a sense, SEO is becoming more like actual marketing in that the focus has shifted from gaining the respect of Google (via keywords and links) to gaining the respect of people (via relevant, awesome content and social engagement).

Creating Amazing Content That Gets Ranked

Your 2013 SEO strategy will center on the development of superior content. To get your creative juices flowing you should be asking yourself:

  • "What types of content (e.g. videos, articles, etc.) would my target audience find engaging?"
  • "What social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google Plus, etc.) does my audience participate on?"
  • "What topics of interest (e.g. Tutorials, Reviews, etc.) are relevant to both my brand's offering and my target audience?"

The answers to these questions will build the foundation for your SEO content strategy.

Partner With Insiders to Produce Killer Content

The inspiration and insights needed to create killer content will be best gathered by the people who are knowledgeable and passionate in the brand. By teaming up with insiders, you or your content creators can learn, incubate, and develop superb ideas that promote profound results.

If you're doing SEO for your own business, insiders are the people of your company that know the in's and out's of your USP's, products/services, and target market. If you're doing SEO for clients, the insiders will be the clients themselves and their marketing personnel.

Again, SEO is becoming more like real marketing. Think of the content you create as a marketing and advertising tool that spreads brand awareness. As that awareness grows, so will your brand's social authority (which can have a direct impact on SEO.)

Diversify Your Content Portfolio

There are many forms of content that you can produce to engage with your target audience. Spanning from videos to podcasts, infographics to articles, there's a lot of ways you can communicate and promote engagement.

You can even take one form of content, such as an article, and re-purpose it into another form, such as a video. In the SEO profession, we call this spinning. Spinning content is typically frowned-upon because it's generally seen as an effort of spinning the same article several times to generate greater link popularity. However, spinning your work into entirely new forms will help make the most of your resources while diversifying your content portfolio.

The Last Word

As you have learned, the best practices of SEO in 2013 will emphasize great content and engaging your target audience with that content. Just look at Google's search results. Local organic listings with Google Maps (heavily based on the social media network Google Plus) are dominant. Additionally, the types of content that you see ranking are videos, articles and blog posts - which are all enhanced with a little picture of the author (authorship rich snippets.)

There's still plenty of time to start planning your 2013 SEO strategy. I hope these insights will focus your intentions on the righteous path of creating a well-optimized web presence.

About the Author:
Tyler Tafelsky is the Internet marketing manager here at OIC Group, Inc. He offers over 5 years of experience in the SEO profession and handles a spectrum of campaigns on both a global and local level.

Tyler is well-adept in the latest changes of Google and advocates Google Plus and other social mediums as an integral component to any organic search marketing (SEO) campaign. You can contact him directly via email at or you can connect with Tyler on Google Plus.




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