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The Evolution of SEO is Google Authorship

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The Evolution of SEO is Google Authorship

If you're under the impression that SEO is all about keywords and website optimization, then you have some serious catching-up to do.

In its very essence, SEO is evolving into what is more like REAL marketing.

That is, SEO is less of technical mystery of 'optimizing a website,' but rather a creative process of producing exceptional content that gains favor from a target audience.

Evidence in the SEO Evolution

Now when you search a keyword phrase in Google, it's almost guaranteed that you'll find an article/blog post, video, graphic, or some form of content that's not necessarily trying to sell you something.

This SEO evolution is simply Google's way of cleaning-up its search results. You see, some SEO's have really dirtied-up Google search results by optimizing crappy content with sketchy, keyword-focused practices. The fact that their content still ranks is purely fortune (because Google's Webspam Team is pretty stellar at placing good content atop the organic search results.)

Over the last year, over-optimized pages have bombed and fresh, quality pages are seeing top search placement. If you pay attention, you'll see that many listings are accompanied by images of authors and a Google+ link denoting how many people in are in their circles ("social authority," if you will.)

The Essence to a Successful Adaptation

To adapt to the evolving standards, SEO providers need to change their ways, extensively. As an organic SEO expert myself, this presents a challenge in many ways.

In short, SEO experts need to work with their clients to produce amazing, audience-focused content.

Becoming less of a provided service, the new frontier of SEO is a team effort of establishing achievable goals and assigning responsibilities both internally (client) and externally (SEO "provider.")

Enter: Google Authorship

Now when I develop SEO strategies for clients, I place a high degree of emphasis on Authorship. That is, I visualize my client's search traffic deriving from a high ranking article with the client's picture right next to the listing.

In most scenarios, the client is the most knowledgeable about their target search market, as well as the in's and the out's of their business. The teamwork in SEO stems from collaborating to create exceptional content that's properly optimized and published in the right places.

It's what Google likes, right? What better way to turn a curious Google searcher into a lead than enlightening them with your words of wisdom? That's called content marketing, and it's redefining the best practices of SEO.

Establishing Google Authorship is pretty simple, and it can have a tremendous impact on a company's SEO strategy.

I encourage your to check out this blog post to understand the importance of Authorship and preparing for AuthorRank.

About the Author
Tyler Tafelsky has over five years of experience as an organic SEO professional. Starting as a copywriting for an international SEO firm and now the Internet marketing manager here at OIC, Tyler offers a wealth of knowledge in the search marketing industry. You can email him directly at Tyler(at) or Follow him on Google+.


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