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3 Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs to be on Google+

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3 Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs to be on Google+

Although the Google+ social network is still in its early phases, it’s growing fast and is projected to be the next big social media platform.

A driving force behind the growth of Google+ is that it's changing the landscape of Google Search. With the advent of Google's Search Plus Your World, the social activity that takes place on Google+ can directly impact the search results that are displayed to users.

This leads into our first reason why local businesses need to jump on Google+.

1. Gain More Visibility in Google Search

Take look at the local search results below for "chiropractor Peoria Il."

These local listings, which are accompanied by the map with little red pins, stem from Google+. Notice how Justin Tuttle is really standing out from the competition. He has earned a score of 29/30 which is supported by 17 positive Google reviews.

How did Justin Tuttle make is mark at the number one organic listing for "chiropractor Peoria Il?"

Not only is his Google+ Local page verified and optimized, but he's implemented strategies to earn good reviews, as well as trigger the "rich snippets" feature (showing his picture.)

In addition to proper Google+ optimization and local verification, Justin mostly likely jumped on the Google+ bandwagon sooner than most of his competitors. This leads me into my next reason why your local business needs to hop on Google+, sooner than later.

2. Early Adopters Can Become Industry Authorities

Early Google+ adopters can gain a huge advantage by jumping on board sooner than the competition. Again, Google+ is in its early stages of growth. Those who build their social presence now are considered "1st Generation Google+ Users."

The benefit of being an early adopter on Google+ is that you'll be able to establish more followers (rather, more people will have your business in their "circles.") This goes hand-in-hand with gaining more search visibility.

Let me give you an example. My personal Google+ profile has OIC Group, Inc. in one of my circles. If I search a phrase that is highly relevant to OIC Group and the content that they are posting on Google+, I might by fed OIC's Google+ activity in search.

Think of this as social activity integrating with search. With respect to Search Plus Your World, Google is trying to feed me better quality search results that might pertain to what I'm looking for.

As a business, the takeaway point is this: the more followers you can gain on Google+, the better chances your business will be found in you followers’ search activity (so long as the keyword search is relevant, and you as the business's social marketer are promoting quality content that pertains to what you offer.)

3. Connect With New Customers & Retain Loyalty

The Google+ social media network is like a hybrid of Facebook. Not only is the user-interface very similar, but the level of interaction on Google+ is even greater.

All types of businesses, whether local or global, can connect with their target audiences and bolster brand awareness and customer loyalty. Like Facebook, this advantage hinges on the quality and relevancy of the content that you're sharing with your followers. If your audience jives with the content you're sharing, they'll most likely respect to your brand just a little bit more (whether they're conscious of it or not.)

The fact of the matter is, Google views verified local businesses on Google+ as more credible and authoritative in search. The benefits are plentiful, and more advantages seem to arise as the social network continues to grow. As a result, it's essential that your local business gets on Google+ to stay ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors.

About the Author: Tyler Tafelsky is the Internet marketing manager here at OIC Group, Inc. He offers over 5 years of experience in the SEO profession and has handled a spectrum of campaigns on both a global and local level.

Tyler is well-adept in the latest changes of Google, and advocates Google+ and other social mediums as an integral component to any SEO and Internet marketing campaign.

You can contact him directly via email at or you can connect with Tyler on Google+.



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