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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Exposure

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Exposure

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform to connect with other professional and businesses. By optimizing your profile for LinkedIn search, you better you visibility when people are looking for some of the expertise and specialties that you have to offer.

Below is a video created by our Internet marketing manager Tyler Tafelsky. It's called How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Exposure, and results you'll see from doing this optimization are almost instantaneous. We hope you like it!

Video transcription:

Hello and welcome. This is Tyler, and in this video I want to show you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile page.

As you probably already know, LinkedIn is a very popular social network to connect with other companies and professionals, and a lot of people search in LinkedIn looking for someone to help them out for a particular service or specialty. So I’m going to show you a few ways to sort of keyword optimize your profile to show up when people are searching for some of things you have to offer.

So I’m based in Michigan and I do SEO, so those are my keyword targets: Michigan SEO. And there I am on the top of the list. And I will show you how I did that. It’s pretty straightforward, there are just few key elements that you’ll want to make sure you optimize. If you’re doing real estate in Denver, then you’ll probably want to have real estate or realtor in Denver, in your professional headline. This probably offers the most weight in terms of keyword relevancy, so I definitely including Michigan SEO in my professional headline.

The next thing you want to try optimize is your experience. Both your current and previous experience plays a big role in your LinkedIn ranking, so you’ll want to try to keyword optimize it if you can. Of course you can’t do that and be misleading or unethical, but I was fortunate myself to have a lot of experience in the SEO profession for a couple of SEO companies based in Michigan. I got SEO in the title on both of them so I’m sure that really helps my ranking. You might want to take a look at that and see if you can embellish upon your experience.

The next thing that you can do to further optimize your profile is to edit your URL. That’s right here. The next option is a little hidden – it’s down on bottom right - this link here “your current URL.” Some people prefer to keep this as their name, and I respect that, but in my case I’d rather just be more relevant on these three words, specifically Michigan SEO. Michigan SEO Expert is actually a Google SEO experiment that I’m working with outside of LinkedIn, so we’ll see what happens. Even Linkedin knows that you can "take control on how you appear in a public search results," so that is a good tool that I recommend keeping top of mind.

The last thing you’re going to do to optimize your LinkedIn profile is to get some recommendations from other people. Recommendations are like backlinks in SEO; they show that your page is more credible, it’s more authoritative and thus it’s going to rank higher on search results.

So to do this, go to Profile, Recommendations, and I strongly suggest to skipping all this ask to be endorsed stuff and going to the bottom where you make recommendations for other people. If you make a recommendations to someone that you have school with or work with, chances are they‘re going to give you one back. I’ve done this a few times, or 3 times to be specific, in the last 48 hours and I’ve already gotten two back. So it’s just a really great way to build your credibility and to help your page rank higher. So I hope these tips have helped you out and wish you the best. Rank on, my friend.


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