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3 Ways to Leverage a Cohesive Web Design for Better SE

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3 Ways to Leverage a Cohesive Web Design for Better SEO

The front-end design of a website, which is often associated with usability, layout and aesthetics, can have a huge impact on seemingly irrelevant factors, SEO being one of the them.

Whether your starting a website from scratch or going through a re-design, there are a few ways in which you can ensure your site's web design is SEO-friendly. We explore these avenues and considerations in greater detail below.

Without Conversions or Lead Gen, Traffic is Meaningless

It's a common scenario: a website starts receiving a new influx of organic search traffic after just a few months of SEO, however no visitors are converting into leads or sales.

In short, if your site is not converting traffic from SEO, then what's the point? Are you truly realizing your site's potential?

It all comes down to creative web design and CRO. A conversion-oriented website is the foundation to a successful SEO strategy.

Ask yourself, or your web marketing team, the following questions to ensure you're on the righteous path for success.

  • have we set conversion goals or established a conversion funnel?
  • are we using and testing targeted calls-to-action?
  • are the site's pages boring and out-dated, thus contributing to high bounce rates and low time on site?

It's difficult to justify an SEO investment if your website sucks (and is not generating leads.) There are numerous web development and design resources available, so cost is no excuse for a crappy website.

Integrate Rich Media, Strategically

In most cases, boring, text-heavy pages typically imply a poor web design. However for SEO, text-heavy pages are often a good thing to establish keyword relevancy.

With respect to SEO, integrating rich media is a balancing act. Why?

It's easy for web designers to make pages look prettier with high-resolution images and video. Yet, such media can have large file sizes and slow page load speed as a result. Not only does this negatively impact usability, but it hinders SEO performance.

Conversely, when rich media files are properly optimized (to minimize file size,) they can actually enhance a page's SEO (and CRO). When integrating rich media, it's important to:

  • optimize large file sizes to help minimize the time it takes for a page to load.
  • optimize images for keyword relevancy, which contributes to better on-page SEO (and helps your images and videos appear in Google's blended search results).
  • leverage rich media as creative and effective calls-to-action

Engagement Metrics Influence Page Authority (and SEO)

A well-designed website can significantly influence user engagement. Typically clean and cohesive pages that are alluring and user-centric promote higher levels of engagement. In turn, greater engagement will empower page authority and increase SEO potential.


Google looks at behavioral metrics (like time on site and bounce rate) to weigh a page's authority. So, in essence, web design and SEO are close cousins in the genetic code of a healthy website.

In cultivating any solid relationship, quality first impressions are key. When designing the pages of your website, avoid cluttered layouts and use media that's unique, engaging, and purposeful.

When crafting the content of your optimized pages, be creative with your copy. Focus on content that is inspiring, educational, and/or enlightening to your target audience. Not only will keeping your visitors engaged, but it will help accomplish your conversion goals. However, because they're hanging out on your site longer, Google will see that your site offers value (and that will grant you greater page authority.)


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