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Will Backlinks Soon Lose Their SEO Value?

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Will Backlinks Soon Lose Their SEO Value?

When it comes to Google's search engine algorithm, it's not uncommon for certain ranking factors to lose their value over the years. With respect to the practice of crafty SEO companies, Google must consistently refurbish is ranking mechanism to provide optimal quality results.

Yes, you know what we're talking about here. Links.

There's no question that links (aka "backlinks" or "inbound links") are a huge ranking factor in Google. But with new variables (e.g. social signals,) over time, it's anticipated that links may lose their SEO value?

Well, will they? Matt Cutts explains how Google plans to interpret and value links when ranking websites in the search results.

In his vague response, links will most definitely retain their value for quite some time. However, as many SEO professionals are well aware, the nature of (and natural appearance) a site's backlink portfolio will ultimately determine its SEO success and ranking sustainability.

So, my friends, how does your site's backlink portfolio look? Are you scared?

Let's run a quick backlink audit on your site and let you know. It's free. So do it. Hit us up!


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